5309 lakhs NRDWP Support Fund to Rural Water Supply Department

The Engineer-in-chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department,  Hyderabad in his letter 2nd  read above has stated that during the SLSSC meeting held on 29.7.2013, the Committee has approved the NRDWP-Support fund activities i.e., Management Information System (MIS) i.e., i) hardware & software, ii) GIS survey and iii) administrative expenses for Rs.5309.38 lakhs under NRDWP-Support fund, with 100% funding by GOI.   Further, he has submitted the proposals of Management Information System (MIS) activities i.e., hardware & software, GIS survey and administrative expenses as approved by SLSSC during the meeting held on 29.7.2013 for Rs.5309.38 lakhs and request the Government for issue Administrative sanction orders under NRDWP-Support fund, with 100% funding by GOI.

The Government after careful examination of the request of the Engineer-in- Chief, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Department, Hyderabad hereby accord Administrative  Sanction  for  NRDWP-Support  Fund  MIS  Activities  i.e.  1)  Hardware  & Software ii) GIS Survey and iii) Administrative Expenses with an estimated cost of Rs.5309.38 lakhs (Rupees Fifty Three Crores, Nine Lakhs and Thirty Eight Thousand Only) as cleared by SLSSC 2013-14 in its meeting  held on 29.07.2013 under NRDWP Support   Fund with  100%  funding by Government  of India.   The details  of sanctioned work are annexed to this order.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, is requested to limit the expenditure to the above Rs.5309.38 lakhs (Rupees Fifty Three Crores, Nine Lakhs and Thirty Eight Thousand Only) and details of all works should be uploaded on IMS “Watersoft” System.

The Engineer-in-Chief,  Rural Water  Supply and  Sanitation Department, Hyderabad is requested to scrupulously follow the guidelines of NRDWP and utilize the funds as per financial rules.

This order Issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PR&RD) Department, vide their U.O.No.24544/430/13/Expr.PR, dt.1.10.2013.


 (To G.O.Rt No. 1873 P.R.&R.D.(RWS.II) Department Dt.23.11.2013)

 The  following  list  of  MIS  activities  approved  by  SLSSC  during  the meeting held on 29.7.2013 under NRDWP-SUPPORT FUND:-

 I)      Hardware & Software: Rs.in lakhs)





Number Amount
1 Servers (HO-2)



2 Clients(HO-8, SDO-280, SDWQL-10) 298 104.30
3 Printers (HO-5, SDO-280, SDWQL-10) 295 29.25
4 UPS (HO-2, SDWQL-10)



5 System Software Strengthening and Implementation

of “Watersoft” application.

6 Trainings 10.00



II)    GIS Survey:                                                         Rs.3399.54 lakhs

III)   Administrative expenses:





1 Internate Rental Charges (HO,CO-22, DO-52, WQLL-170, SDO-280) 66.88
2 Data Entry Operator Charges (CO-22, DO-104,HO-10) 155.04
3 AMC for the existing hardware (HO, CO, DO, WQL) 56.28
4 Vehicle Charges (hiring & fuel charges etc.,) 936.80
5 SWSM establishment charges 293.04
6 Equipment (furniture, inverters etc.,) 150.00



(1HardWare   and  Soft     Ware  of  Rs.251.80+GIS  Survey  of

Rs.3399.54 + Administrative Expenses of Rs.1658.04)

Grand Total





G.O.Rt.No. 1873 Dated:23 .11.2013

1) Minutes of SLSSC State Level Schemes Sanctioning Committee
Meeting held on 29.7.2013.
2) From the Engineer-in-Chief(RWS&S), Hyderabad, Lr.No.AEE/DEE (plg)/SLSSC/2013-14-6, dated: 31.08.2013.

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