5 lakhs in lieu of employment Relief to the victims of extremist violence 4

Government of Andhra Pradesh have introduced a scheme of compassionate appointment to the dependent family member of the civilians who are killed in extremist violence. Orders were also issued authorizing the District Collectors to issue orders in respect of any department where there is a vacancy for appointment of a person upto the level of Junior Assistant / Typist depending upon the qualifications of the applicant. The District Collectors were also authorized to grant relaxation of age on a case to case basis. To enable these appointments a provision has also been incorporated in section 4 of A.P. (Regulation of Appointments to Public Services and Rationalisation of staff pattern and Pay Structure) Act, 1994(Act 2 of 1994). The said orders were given effect from 26.2.1996. In the G.O. second read above, orders were issued allowing minimum period to acquire requisite educational qualifications, reasonable time in which the minor can seek relief and relaxation of upper age / educational qualifications when the dependent family is seeking employment in the category of Class.IV. The orders issued were implemented w.e.f. 26.02.1996.

And whereas, Government further ordered that the orders issued in the G.O. are applicable to the cases of killings of civilians occurred prior to 26.2.1996 also, provided that the age and educational qualifications of dependent family member seeking employment shall be satisfied as on the date of death of the respective civilian. Further, the concessions allowed in the G.O are also applicable to the applicants.

And whereas, it is observed that in many cases where Civilians are killed in extremist / terrorist violence, there are no eligible family members to take up employment. Since the date to be reckoned with, is the date of death of Civilian and there are cases where the family member is a minor or crossed the employable age or does not possess the required educational qualification. Further the families of the civilians killed in extremist/ terrorist violence are approaching the Government subsequently when the kin of the deceased attains employable age and after acquiring requisite qualification. The policy envisages providing employment within a year if there is a suitable and eligible family member of the civilian killed in extremist / terrorist violence. However considering the fact that family is put to disadvantage as assistance is not provided vis-avis with the other victims where employment is provided, the issue has been considered and proposed to compensate them with additional financial assistance if no employment is given i.e., in cases where there is no eligible family member at the time of death of civilian in extremist violence. The issue has been referred to the High Powered Cabinet Sub-Committee constituted by the State Government under the Chairmanship of Minister for Finance, to take up top-level decisions on the issues connected with Naxalite problems in the State.

And whereas, the High Powered Cabinet Sub-Committee, in its meeting held on 23-10-2013, have examined such cases and recommended to provide a financial assistance of Rs.5.00 lakhs to the families of civilians who are killed in extremist violence, if there is no eligible family member in the family to provide compassionate appointment.

The Government after careful examination of the recommendation of the Committee, agreed to provide a financial assistance of Rs.5.00 lakhs to the families of civilians who are killed in extremist violence, if there is no eligible family member in the family to provide compassionate appointment. This assistance will be extended to all previous cases where no employment was provided to the families of civilians killed, after due verification by respective District Collector and Superintendent of Police. This assistance will be in addition to the exgratia already paid.

In order to operationalise the above scheme, Government have decided to set up a District Level Committee under the Chairmanship of the District Collector with the following Officers to examine the cases falling under the criteria indicated in this order:-

1. Collector & District Magistrate — Chairman
2. Superintendent of Police/ Commissioner of Police in the District – Member
3. District Revenue Officer — Member
4. Revenue Divisional Officer — Member
5. Joint Collector & Addl. District Magistrate — Member – Convenor

The Collector and District Magistrate, who will be the Chairman of the Committee, may co-opt additional members of various other Departments, depending on the need and necessity. The Committee after screening the eligible and suitable beneficiaries shall submit the list of eligible candidates to the DGP for further scrutiny regarding the eligibility. On receipt of verification from the Director General of Police /Addl. Director General of Police, Intelligence, Collector & District Magistrates shall sanction and release the financial assistance of Rs.5.00 lakhs. The Financial Assistance in lieu of employment shall be paid to the parents in case of the deceased Civilian is unmarried. In case the deceased Civilian was married the exgratia shall be distributed to the wife, children and parents in equal proportion. If the parents of the deceased Civilian are not alive, the same shall be paid to spouse and children in equal proportion. The amount so sanctioned shall be debited to the following Head of

“2235- Social Security and Welfare – (60) other Social Security and Welfare Programmes – MH.200. other Programmes – SH(11). Other exgratia relief – 310. Grants-in-aid – 312. Other grants-in-aid”

The District Collectors / Superintendents of Police shall take necessary action to see that these orders are communicated to the families of civilians who are killed in extremist violence and who have not been provided with employment and obtain applications, within a period of 3 months. A declaration shall have to be obtained from the family eligible for compensation to the effect that the compensation shall be paid in lieu of employment and no further request for employment or additional financial assistance in this regard shall be made to the Government. There shall not be any claim from any other member of the family once the financial assistance is paid in lieu of employment.

If any of the beneficiaries, eligible under this scheme, have filed any court case for providing employment, their cases shall have to be considered for payment of financial assistance only when they withdraw the court cases.

9. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.3881/82/Expr.GAD.I/14, dt:18-02-2014.

G.O.Ms.No. 50 Dated:21-02-2014

1. G.O.Ms.No.469, G.A.(SC.A) Dept., dt.08.11.1996.
2. G.O.Ms.No.76, G.A.(SC.A) Dept., dt.04.03.1998.

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4 thoughts on “5 lakhs in lieu of employment Relief to the victims of extremist violence

  • Sopu roy

    Sir i am from assam and my elder brother was killed in terror attack on may 2013 and he was unmaried we recived exgratia amount but stil today we dont get any gov employment nor any financial assistance so what shal we .we are suffering from poverty as my brother was the only bread earner of our family.kindly suggest

  • taj kan

    sir im from adilabad district, our district collector got the budget also under g o m s no 50, 1.8cr for 36 members 5 months back sir but still our collector is not responding sir but in karimnagar district collector issued amount 5 lakhs to 22 members we ave all the presiding copys also sir please healp me sir

  • mahender

    hello sir namaste na peru mahender from nizamabad ma father 1995 dec 05 nadu naxals chetilo chanipoyaru kani maku job raledu and 5 lacks additional exgratia raledu so memu fight cheyyocha govt tho my contact no 9700345158