41 Assistant Labour Officer under supernumerary posts 1

In the circumstances explained by the Commissioner of Labour, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad in the reference Lr.No. A2/13144/ 2013 , Government of AP after examination of the matter, have accorded sanction for creation of forty one (41) supernumerary posts in the category of Assistant Labour Officer for drawal and disbursement of their pay and allowances to the following Assistant Labour Officer (DR) for a period of three months (3 months only) from the date of their joining in the time scale of Rs.14860-39540 in the offices of the respective Joint Commissioners of Labour and the posts automatically stand lapsed the moment the public servant concerned is relieved and assume charge in a regular post:-


Name of the Candidate

Allotted Zone

Date of reporting before Jt. Commissioner of Labour

1 Sri.S.S.V. Prasad Pakki Visakapatnam Zone-I 03.06.2013 A.N
2 Sri.P.Vijay Kumar Visakapatnam Zone-I 01.06.2013 F.N
3 Sri.B.Kondal Rao Visakapatnam Zone-I 03.06.2013 F.N
4 Kum. N. Kiranmai Visakapatnam Zone-I 10.06.2013 F.N
5 Sri.M. Vijayakumar Visakapatnam Zone-I 01.06.2013 F.N
6 Sri.K.Kiran Chandra Visakapatnam Zone-I 03.06.2013 FN
7 Sri. P.Maheswara Reddy Eluru Zone-II 01.06.2013 F.N
8 Sri.S.N.V.Sivaramprasad Eluru Zone-II 03.06.2013 F.N
9 Sri. Vishnu Kilaru Guntur Zone-III 06.06.2013 F.N

10 Sri.Subbarayudu Yadala Guntur Zone-III 03.06.2013 F.N
11 Sri.Konatham Arjun Guntur Zone-III 13.06.2013 F.N
12 Sri. T.Madhu Babu Guntur Zone-III 03.06.2013 F.N
13 Sri.N.Ramakrishna Guntur Zone-III 03.06.2013 F .N
14 Smt.Gottipati Nagaraja Guntur Zone-III 31.05.2013 F .N
15 Sri.Balakasi Naik Gonavath Guntur Zone-III 06.06.2013 F.N
16 Sri. G.Styanarayana Kurnool Zone-IV 07.06.2013 F .N
17 Sri.B.Pratap Naidu Kurnool Zone-IV 05.06.2013 F.N
18 Sri. B.Murali Kishna Kurnool Zone-IV 07.06.2013 F.N
19 Sri.K.Naresh Kumar Kurnool Zone-IV 19.06.2013 F.N
20 Smt.S.Sumalatha Kurnool Zone-IV 10.06.2013 F.N
21 L.Lokapavani Kurnool Zone-IV 05.06.2013 F.N
22 T.Sreelakshmi Kurnool Zone-IV 06.06.2013 F.N
23 Sri. Rafee Mahammad Warangal Zone-V 29.05.2013 F.N
24 Sri. Ramesh Onapakala Warangal Zone-V 03.06.2013 F.N
25 Smt. Challa Vengamma Warangal Zone-V 29.05.2013 F.N
26 Sri.Bhukya Ravi Warangal Zone-V 05.06.2013 A.N
27 Sri Sai Suman Pachava Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 06.06.2013 F.N
28 Sri,N, Gopi Reddy Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 13.06.2013 F.N
29 Sri.B. Gangadhar Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 31.05.2013 A.N
30 Sri.M.Yadaiah Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 15.06.2013 F.N
31 Smt.K.Vineela Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 06.06.2013 F.N
32 Kum. T.Prasanna Ranga Reddy Zone-VI 31.05.2013 F.N
33 Sri. P. Ravinder Reddy Hyderabad City Cadre 05.06.2013 F.N
34 Sri.B. Venu Gopal Hyderabad City Cadre 09.07.2013 A.N
35 Smt.G. Vijaya Laxmi Hyderabad City Cadre 19.06.2013 F.N
36 Smt. P.Mayuri Hyderabad City Cadre 10.06.2013 F.N
37 B.Neelima Hyderabad City Cadre 29.05.2013 F.N
38 Smt. Sirisha Tangella Hyderabad City Cadre 03.06.2013 F.N
39 Sri.N. Kiran Kumar Hyderabad City Cadre 29.05.2013 F.N
40 S.Archana Hyderabad City Cadre 03.06.2013 F.N
41 L.Jyothi Hyderabad City Cadre 31.05.2013 F.N

The expenditure shall be debited to the relevant Head of Account of the Labour Department.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (SMPC) Department vide their U.O.No.21918/739/A3/SMPC-I/13, dated: 26.10.2013.

G.O.Rt.No. 1091 Dated: 26.11.2013
1) From the Commissioner of Labour, Lr.No. A2/13144/ 2013,dated: 21.07.2013.
2) From the Commissioner of Labour, Lr.No. A2/13144/ 2013, dated: 10.10.2013.

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