370 Crores for Andhra Pradesh Chandranna Sankranthi Kanuka 2016

The Vice Chairman and Managing Director, APSCSC Ltd., Hyderabad, vide reference read above, submitted proposals to the Government about the preparations for distribution of gift pack on the eve of ensuing SANKRANTHI festival, January, 2016. The State Government has distributed essential commodities viz., (1) Redgram Dal- ½ Kg., (2) P.Oil- ½ Litre (3) Bengal gram 1Kg, (4) Jaggery-1/2 Kg, (5) Wheat Atta- 1Kg and (6) Ghee – 100 ML, as a GIFT PACK apart from regular commodities supplied under the Public Distribution System to all the BPL card holders in the State to celebrate the Sankranthi festival- 2015.

2. On receipt of the reference 3rd read above about the estimated cost from the Vice Chairman and
Managing Director APSCSCL, Hyderabad. Government after careful consideration of the same has decided to continue the scheme to distribute the following essential commodities (1) Redgram Dal- ½ Kg., (2) P.Oil- ½ Litre (3) Chana dall ½ Kg, (4) Jaggery-1/2 Kg, (5) Wheat Atta- 1Kg and (6) Ghee – 100 ML in a carry bag to the Card Holders. Further, the State Government has accord sanction for release of an amount of Rs.370.41Cr (Rupees Three hundred seventy Crore forty one lakh) to meet the expenditure involved in implementation of the scheme within the overall annual Budget of 2015-16. The sanctioned amount shall be debited to the head of account; 2236-02-800-00-04-330-000.

3. The Commissioner of Civil Supplies, A.P., Hyderabad is authorized to prefer a bill to the Deputy Director, O/o. the District Treasury Officer, A.P., Hyderabad, for an amount of Rs.370.41Cr by the credit to P.D. Account No. 20/APSHQT of the Vice Chairman and Managing Director, A.P. State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad, under the Head of Account – MH- 8449, Other Deposits – MH- 120, SH 53, 001 – NVN.

4. The Asst Director, Office of the District Treasury Accounts AP State Head Quarters Treasury, A.P., Hyderabad, is requested to issue Letter of Credit for an amount of Rs.370.41Cr to P.D. Account No. 20/APSHQT of the Vice Chairman and Managing Director, A.P. State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad.

5. The Budget authorization of the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad is required for this release of funds for an amount of Rs.370.41Cr under BE 2015-16.

6. The Commissioner of Civil Supplies, AP, Hyderabad is requested to meet the expenditure of Rs.370.41Cr towards “Chandranna Sankranti Kanuka” from the Head of Account mentioned at para-2 above and send necessary revised estimates for additional funds to the Government to meet the Subsidy on Rice for the remaining financial year 2015-16.

7. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.FIN- 38027/37/FMU (A&CACS)/2015 Dated 15-12-2015

CA, F&CS Department – Public Distribution System – Release of funds an amount of Rs. 370.41 Crore meet the expenditure within the overall annual budget estimate towards incurring expenditure on implementation of “Chandranna Sankranthi Kanuka”-2016 – Administrative Sanction –

Orders – Issued.CONSUMER AFFAIRS, FOOD AND CIVIL SUPPLIES (CS.I) DEPARTMENT G.O.RT.No. 64 Dated: 28.12.2015. Read the following:- 1. G.O.RT. 47, Finance (EBS-II-A-C-AHFCS-E) Dept., Dated: 08-01-2015. 2. G.O.RT.No. 7, CA, F&CS Department ,dated.09.01.2015 3. From the Vice Chairman and Managing Director, APSCSC Ltd., Hyderabad, Lrt.No.PDS- 1/15/Sankranthi Kanuka/2015, Dt.28-11-2015

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