25307 lakhs for Augmentation of drinking water supply to 32 peripheral areas in Visakapattanam

G.O.RT.No. 926, MA Dated: 01.12.2014 Orders were issued for according administrative sanction for Rs.24074.00 lakhs for the project “Augmentation of drinking water supply to
32 peripheral areas in Visakapattanam under JNNURM with the following method of funding:
Sl.No. Agency Share ( Rs. in Lakhs)
1. GOI share 12037.00
2. GoAP share 4814.80
3. GVMC share 7222.20
Total: 24074.00

2. The Managing Director, APUFIDC vide reference 3rd read above, has submitted that the Commissioner, GVMC in his letter Dated:21.8.2014 has informed that during the execution of the project, certain deviations and additional items of work were taken up due to change of site for construction of 85 MLD Water Treatment Plant and accordingly the DPR was prepared with an estimated cost for Rs.25713.00 lakhs against the original sanction of Rs.24074.00 lakhs. The revised proposal was placed before the 8th State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister, held on 16.04.2011. The proposal was approved duly showing the additional amount against the ULB share to be borne by the GVMC from their own resources. The Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee (CSMC), GoI in its minutes of 114th CSMC meeting approved the revised project cost for Rs.25645.00 lakhs with no change in ACA and the additional cost will be borne by the State/ULB.

3. The MD, APUFIDC, Hyderabad has further has further submitted that the proposal was placed before technical committee and the technical committee in its meeting held on 22.5.2014 has opined that the Government may consider according revised administrative sanction for the work of “Augmentation of drinking water supply to 32 peripheral areas in Visakhapatnam under JnNURM” for an amount of Rs.25307.00 Lakhs. The excess amount of Rs.1233.00 Lakhs (Rs.25307.00 lakhs – Rs.24074.00 lakhs) shall be met by the ULB from its own resources duly obtaining necessary council resolution and following all the due procedure as per relevant Government Orders issued from time to time.The Commissioner, GVMC has also furnished Council Resolution No. 228/14, Dt.29.05.2014 for bearing the excess amount of Rs.1233.00 lakhs from its own funds. In this regard, the MD, APUFIDC has requested the

Government to accord revised administrative sanction for the work of “Augmentation of drinking water supply to 32 peripheral areas in Visakhapatnam under JnNURM” for an amount of Rs.25307.00 Lakhs with the following method of financing and with regard to the price adjustment, the provision of Rs.336.22 Lakhs shall be utilized by GVMC duly following agreement conditions, applicable GOs and the observations of AG/CAG/V&E, applying due diligence, after obtaining necessary orders from the Government.


GoI share : Rs.12037.00 lakhs.
GoAP share : Rs. 4814.80 lakhs.
GVMC share :Rs. 8455.20 lakhs.
Total : Rs. 25307.00 lakhs.

4. Government after careful examination of the proposal of MD, APUFIDC and as recommended by technical committee, hereby accord revised Administrative Sanction for the project work of Augmentation of drinking water supply to 32 peripheral areas in Visakhapatnam under JnNURM scheme for a total amount of Rs.25307.00 lakhs (Rupees two hundred and fifty three crores and seven lakhs only) with the following
method of funding, subject to bear the additional amount of 1233.00 lakhs by the GVMC from its own resources.hare

1. Augmentation of drinking water supply to 32 peripheral areas in Visakhapatnam under JnNURM scheme
25307.00 12037.00 4814.80 8455.20 TOTAL 25307.00 12037.00 4814.80 8455.20

5. The Commissioner, GVMC shall utilize the provision of Rs.336.22 lakhs i.e. price adjustment duly following agreement conditions, applicable GOs and the observations of AG/CAG/V&E, applying due diligence, after obtaining necessary orders from the Government.

6. The Commissioner, GVMC / the Managing Director, APUFIDC shall take action accordingly.

7. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O No. 4496/085/A1/EBS.VII. M&F/2014, Dated: 28.10.2014.

Read the following:
1. GO.Rt.No. 875, MAUD (UBS) Department, Dated: 18.7.2011.
2. GO.MS.No. 267 M.A., Dated: 19.2.2008.
3. Minutes of technical committee meeting held on 22.5.2014
4. From Commissioner, GVMC Lr.No.1194/2014-15/CE/SE(P-II)/EE, dated:21.8.2014.
5. From MD, APUFIDC Lr.No.VSK/UIG/24/APUFIDC/JNNURM/32 Peripheral, Dated: 13.9.2014.

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