225 posts to Regional Intelligence Office Andhra Pradesh

The Home Department has informed that the Director General of Police, A.P. Hyderabad in the reference first read above, has stated that the Intelligence Department has primary responsibility of collecting advance information on various aspects relating to Law and Order, Labour, Services, etc., and other sensitive matters pertaining to stability of the Government.  Intelligence related to Developmental Schemes of Government and their implementation is also collected which helps in fine tuning the delivery mechanism of the Government. Critical inputs that enable the Government and Governmental Agencies to tackle situations effectively are submitted.  There are hectic activities in Political, Communal, Services & Students, Labour, Institutions, Territorial and various other fields in the Capital, and the Intelligence Officers at the Capital need to be more attentive and responsive at all times and keep sending inputs without any loss of time to the Intelligence Headquarters and Government Agencies to tackle the situations.

The Home Department has further informed that the Director General of Police, AP., Hyderabad, has sent proposals for creation of (370) posts of different categories for establishment of Regional Intelligence Office and a Special Intelligence Cell for collection of Intelligence on various aspects in the capital of Hyderabad as the earlier set up has become the territorial entities of the successor State of Telangana.

The Government after careful examination of the proposal hereby accord sanction for creation of the following (225) additional posts to man the Regional Intelligence Office and Special Intelligence Cell in Intelligence Department, Andhra Pradesh:

Sl.No. Name of the posts No. of posts Scale of Pay
1 Superintendent of Police (Cadre) 1
2 Superintendent of Police (Non Cadre) 1 56870-105810
3 Additional Superintendent of Police (NC) 1 52590-103290
4 Deputy Superintendent of Police 8 40270-93780
5 Inspector of Police 16 35120-87130
6 Sub-Inspector 24 28940-78910
7 Head Constable 48 21230-63010
8 Police Constable 56 16400-49870
9 Administrative Officer 1 42490-96110
Sl.No. Name of the posts No. of posts Scale of Pay
10 Assistant Administrative Officer 1 40270-93780
11 Manager (Intelligence) 2 37100-91450
12 Asst. Manager (Intelligence) 4 31460-84970
13 ID Assistant 6 28940-78910
14 Junior Administrative Officer (Audit) 1 31460-84970
15 Senior Assistant 4 22460-66330
16 Senior Stenographer 3 22460-66330
17 Junior Stenographer 3 16400-49870
18 Junior Assistant cum Data Processing Assistant 12 16400-49870
19 Office Subordinate 6 13000-40270
20 Programmer
(Out sourcing)
2 (outsourcing)
21  Data Base Administrator
(Out sourcing)
1  (outsourcing)
22 Home Guards 24  
  Total 225  

The Home Department shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.

Home Department– Creation of (225) posts to man the Regional Intelligence Office and Special Intelligence Cell in Intelligence Department, Andhra Pradesh – Sanction – Orders – Issued. Finance (HR.II) Department

G.O.Ms.No Date:   .11.2015

  1. No.95/Plg-4/2014, dated: 12.06.2015 from the Director General of Police, A.P. Hyderabad.
  2. Home Department’s U.O.No.7869/Ser.IV/A1/2015, dated:25.06.2015.

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