2071 Additional Temporary staff in Andhra Pradesh General Elections Legislative Assembly, 2014

Sanction is hereby accorded for creation of additional temporary staff in the offices indicated in the Annexure to this order on the scales of pay and allowances admissible as per the rules in force, subject to filling them by redeployment or from surplus manpower cell in order to manage the work relating to simultaneous elections to House of People and Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly 2014 with effect from 01-03-2014 to 30-06-2014.G.O.Ms.No.66 Dated:20-03-2014 General Admn.(Elecs.C) Dept., U.O.No.80/Elecs.C/A1/2014, dt:06-02-2014.

2. The existing incumbent of the posts created in G.O.Ms.No.192, Finance (SMPC) Department, dt:10-07-2009 and further continued from time to time and last continued in G.O.Ms.No.193, Finance (SMPC) Department, dt:15-07-2013 and continued upto 30-04-2014 in connection with Issue of EPICs, Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2014 and also General Elections to House of People and Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 2014 shall be continued against the posts sanctioned now in para 1 of this order and, as a result, the posts sanctioned and continued earlier shall be disbanded from the date of other continuance in these posts and balance staff if any, required shall be taken by way of redeployment.

3. The expenditure shall be debited to “2015 Elections – M.H. 104 Charges for conduct of Elections to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies when held simultaneously – S.H.(04) Conduct of Elections to Lok Sabha and State Assembly – 010 Salaries”.

No. of Posts Total posts
Sl. Name of the Office Name of the Post sanctioned
No. in each Sanctioned
Deputy Tahsildar 2 44
(one for Ballot paper work)
1 Senior Assistant 1 22
(except Hyderabad) (22)
Typist or Jr.Assts in lieu of Typist 1 22
Attender 2 44
Deputy Tahsildar 2 2
(one for Ballot paper work)
Spl, Officer & Commissioner,
2 Senior Assistant 1 1
GHMC., Hyderabad (1)
Typist or Jr.Assts in lieu of Typist 1 1
Attender 2 2
Offices of Returning Officers Deputy Tahsildar 1 294
Sr.Asst. 1 294
3 of Assembly Constituencies
Typist or Jr.Asst.in lieu of Typists 1 294
Attender 2 588
Offices of all the R.Os Sr. Assistant 1 42
4 (Parliament) except District
Collectors (42) Attender 1 42
2   Posts   at   each   District
Collectorate (except Hyderabad) to 2 43
all  Districts  and  2  posts  at  the
5 Data Entry Operators Office   of the   Commissioner,
GHMC., Hyderabad
1 post at each Returning Officers
Office of Parliament and Assembly 1 336
TOTAL 2071

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