20 lakhs for unanimously Elected Sarpanchas and Ward Members 2013 1

With a view to encourage unanimous elections to the post of Sarpanchas and Ward Members of Gram Panchayats., Government of Andhra Pradesh earlier issued orders in the G.O. granting the following incentives to such of the G.Ps., where elections are held unanimously to the office and seats of Sarpanchas and Ward Members respectively.

1.Gram Panchayats having population upto 15,000              …….Rs.5.00 lakh

2.Gram Panchayats having population  more than 15,000    …….Rs.15.00 lakh

This amount was intended for creation of permanent assets in the Gram Panchayats only.

Considering that the posts of G.Ps. have become more important in delivering various essential and emergency services at the grass root level and keeping in view the benefits, if the incumbents are elected unanimously for the positions of Sarpanchas and Ward Members, Government decided to continue the scheme for 4th Ordinary elections to PRIs 2013 also with the following enhanced rates of incentives.

1.G.Ps. with population less than 15,000                 ……  Rs.7.00 lakh

2.G.Ps. with population more than 15, 000           ……….Rs.20.00 lakh

Release of Budget will be based on the proposals furnished by the Commissioner, Panchayat RAJ & Rural Employment, AP, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment is therefore requested to take necessary action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PR) Department vide U.O.No.4615/340/Expr.PR/2013, Dated:17.07.2013.

PR & RD – 4th Ordinary Elections to Panchayat Raj Institutions 2013 – Elections to the Office of Sarpanchas and Ward Members of Gram Panchayats – Incentive Awards to Gram Panchayats where elections held unanimously to the Office of Sarpanch & Ward Members – Orders – Issued.

The expenditure sanctioned in para (3) above shall be debited to  the Head of Account “2515-other Rural Development Programmes- MH- 198 Assistance to Gram Panchayas –SH(15)-Assistance for unanimously elected Gram Panchayats- MH 789 Special Coponent Plan for Scheduled Castes – MH 796 Tribal Areas Sub- Plan – 310 Grants-in-aid- 312 other Grants- in- aid.”

The Commissioner PR&RE., Hyderabad is requested to release the amount to the concerned   district Collectors for adjustment into the PD account of the concerned GPs as is being done in the case of other Grants –in-aid.

Gram Panchayats unanimously Sarpanch

GO.Rt.No 1274  Dated:02.08.2013

G.O.Rt.No.17, PR & RD (E&R) Dept., dt.25.11.2008.

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