17 Assistant Executive Engineers Removed from Government service

Government of Telangana with G.O.Ms.No. 13 Dt: 28 July 2014 has been brought to the notice of the Government that (17) Assistant Executive Engineers of Zone-V and Zone-VI absconded from duty unauthorized. Accordingly disciplinary action was initiated under APCS (CC & A) Rules, 1991, against the following (17) Asst. Executive Engineers by framing by way of issuing Articles of charges for their unauthorized absence from the duty from the dates mentioned against their names hereunder.

Sl.No Name of the Asst.Engineer/ Asst.Executive Engineer Date of birth
& Zone Period of absence
1 2 3 4
1 Smt. Sameera Naousheen, AEE 19.02.1981 Zone-VI 02.09.2006 onwards
2 Sri S.Venu Gopal, AEE 29.09.1965 Zone-V 04.05.2009 onwards
3 Sri K. Ravi Kumar, AEE 01.10.1976 Zone-V 11.04.2011
4 Sri P. Raja Gopal, AEE 02.02.1967 Zone – V 22.03.1999
5 Sri K. Madhu Kumar, AEE 10.08.1979 Zone-VI 16.06.2008 onwards
6 Smt. V. Aruna, AEE 15.08.1985 Zone-VI 16.07.2009 onwards
7 Sri M. Prasad, AEE 01.06.1967 Zone-V 01.08.2000 onwards
8 Sri Md.Abdul Rafe, AEE 05.06.1963 Zone-V 01.05.2002 onwards
9 Sri P. Ramana Murthy,AEE 07.08.1961 Zone-VI 21.07.2001 onwards
10 Sri K. Malla Reddy, AEE 04.08.1965 Zone-V 06.06.2006 onwards
11 Sri P.Dhara Singh, AEE 04.02.1966 Zone-V 22.08.2006 onwards

12 Sri P. Vara Prasad, AEE 15.06.1960 Zone-VI 01.11.2006 onwards
13 Sri J. Yoganandu, AEE 25.08.1979 Zone-V 11.02.2008 onwards
14 Smt. E.Shailaja, AEE 15.05.1982 Zone-VI 05.01.2010 onwards
15 Sri G. Ashok, AEE 08.06.1978 Zone-VI 21.12.2006 onwards
16 Sri R.Bala Krishna Rao, AEE 15.01.1962 Zone-V 23.10.2006 onwards
17 Sri V.Durga Prasad, AEE 26.06.1975 Zone-V 03.10.2007 onwards

2. The Articles of Charges sent to the above Asst. Executive Engineers were returned by the postal authorities. Therefore, the Commissioner Printing & Stationer, Hyderabad has been requested to publish the Articles of charges of the above individuals in the extra ordinary Andhra Pradesh Gazette, so as to conclude the disciplinary action against the above Assistant Executive Engineers in terms of the orders issued in the reference 1st read above. The Commissioner, Printing & Stationery, Hyderabad has published the above Articles of Charges of the individuals in the A.P. Gazette in issue No.48, Dt: 29.11.2012.

3. The Charged Officers were asked to appear in person before the Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.Wing) on 26.12.2012 and file their replies to the charges. None of the Charged Officer appeared before the Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.Wing) and non has filed any statement opposing the charges. It is therefore concluded that all the Charged Officers have no valid reasons to counter the charges and that they accepted the charges. Keeping this position in view the Government have come to a conclusion that the Charged Officers have no interest in the Government service as confirmed by their long unauthorized absence and that keeping the names of the Charged Officers on Government service rolls affects public interest by limiting manpower available. Further the officers committed a misconduct by leaving their posts for long periods without permission.

3. Government therefore decided and hereby order to remove all the (17) Assistant Executive Engineers from Government service w.e.f. the date of their absence.

4. The Engineer-in-Chief (Admn.Wing) Irrigation & CAD Department, Hyderabad shall take further necessary action in the matter accordingly.

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