16 Radial Roads connecting between inner ring road and outer ring road

Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA has stated that the Government of A.P has taken up construction of 158 km long ORR to Hyderabad City through HMDA/HGCL out of which a ength of 122 km is completed and opened to traffic. The balance stretch from Shamirpet to Peddaamberpet is in progress and main carriageway is expected to be completed in the financial year 2013-14.

The HMDA/HGCL identified 33 No’s Radial Roads for improvement to provide improved connectivity between inner ring road and outer ring road out of which 7 No’s. Radial Roads viz., 2,3,4,25,28,29 and 33 were taken up and completed Radial Roads 11,16,22,5 & 15 have been taken up by HMDA/HGCL with JICA funds, five Radial Roads viz., 1,9,12,19 and 24 are existing National Highways which were already widened and improved by NH authorities, thus leaving a balance of 16 Nos. of Radial Roads viz., 6,7,8,10,13,14, 17,18, 20,21,23,26,27,30,31 and 32.

2. The Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA has further informed that during the meeting held by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 7.5.2013 it was decided that the balance 16 Radials Roads would be taken up for development under the capital budget of R&B Department.
The improvements / construction can be entrusted to HMDA/ HGCL/R&B Dept., for taking up execution. Accordingly proposals submitted to Government for approval. Further HMDA Authority in its meeting on 12- 11-2013, the Chairman & Hon’ble Chief Minister has directed the R&B Dept., and Finance Dept., to process the balance 16 Radial Roads for early sanction.

3. The Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA has requested the Government to issue orders granting in principle administrative sanction and Stage-1 approval for total 16 Radial Roads for an amounting of Rs.304.90 Crores under the Capital budget of the R&B Department.

4. Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord Stage-1 administrative sanction for taking up of total 16 Radial Roads for an amount of Rs. 304.90 Crores (Rupees three hundred four Crores and ninety lakhs only) as annexure appended to this order under Capital budget of the R&B Department in the existing following Head of Account.

5. The amount sanctioned in the Para (4) above shall be met from the Head of Account Head of Account “5054 Col on roads and Bridges – 04- Districts and other roads -MH800- Other expenditure –GH11- Normal state plan- SH (08)- Other Roads -530- Major Works -531 – Other expenditure.”.

6. The Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA shall furnish the detailed estimates for Stage-II sanction after completion of the Stage-I activities i.e. preparation of detailed project reports and completion of preconstruction activities like acquisition of land and shifting of utilities.

7. The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) Admn & SR, Hyderabad/ The Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA shall take further action accordingly. The HMDA/HGCL will take up construction of eight Radial Roads viz., Radial Roads 7,8,13,18,21,20,23 and 31 and the Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) Admn & SR, Hyderabad will take up eight Radial Roads viz., 6,10,14,30,32,17,26 and 27.

8. This order issues with the concurrence of Fin. (Expr. PW) Department vide their U.O.No.1153/39/Exp.PW-II/2014, Dt.28-01-2014.

G.O. Rt. No. 241 Dated:17.02.2014

From MC , HMDA, Lr.No.CGM(T)/HGCL/DGM IV/ 601/11-12, Dt:07.06.2013, 14.06.2013, 24.12.2013

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