1300.00 Crores for Polavaram Project Right Main Canal for domestic and industrial use

Government of Andhra Pradesh with G.O.MS.No. 1 Dated: 01-01-2015 Estimate for diversion of water from river Godavari to river Krishna through Polavaram Project Right Main Canal for domestic and industrial use- Submission
of estimate for Rs 1300.00 Crores – Administrative sanction – Accorded-Orders-Issued.IRRIGATION & CAD ) From

During discussions held on 2nd December, 2014 on Godavari-Krishna link, a decision has been taken to take up lift to bring flood waters of Godavari to Krishna on high priority so that it becomes operational as early as possible in order to utilize flood waters in the next flood season which otherwise flows into sea.

The Engineer-in-Chief, ISPP, Dowlaiswaram has reported that Indira Sagar Polavaram Multipurpose Project is contemplated several decades back to provide irrigation facilities to 7.20 lakh acres by gravity through ISRMC
& ISLMC besides other benefits. The Indira sagar Right Main canal (ISRMC) was contemplated to create an irrigation potential of 129259 hectares (3.20 lakh acres) in West Godavari (2.58 lakhs) & Krishna districts (0.62 lakhs) and to divert 80 TMC of Godavari water to river Krishna. The ENC, ISPP has also submitted cost estimate on the proposal for diversion of about 80 TMC of water for domestic and industrial uses under Right Main canal by lifting waters from Godavari river duly protecting existing utilization including Godavari Delta System till the Polavaram Project Head works are completed, as part of inter linking of rivers which is a part of Polavaram Project.

3. The Engineer-in-Chief, ISPP, Dowlaiswaram has examined the proposal in detail and reported that since maximum quantity of water is to be drawn during flood days, the proposal of lifting of higher discharges at least to half FSD of ISRMC i.e., about 240 cumecs (8500 cusecs) early utilizing of the infrastructure of ISRMC for diversion of Godavari water to river Krishna during contingency and for efficient industrial and domestic usage was considered. As the completion of head works of Indira Sagar Polavaram Project will take about 4 years, it is proposed to divert the waters of Godavari to Krishna river by lift by providing 30 Nos of vertical turbine pumps each of 8 cumecs (280 cusecs) discharging capacity at an estimated cost of Rs 1300.00 Crores which can be redeployed once the water is available through gravity after completion of Head works of the Polavaram Project. In order to achieve the above objective, the proposal of pumping water at Pattiseema into ISRMC at an estimated cost of Rs 1300 Crores has been agreed upon. This lift arrangement also enables to provide partial irrigation benefits enroute RMC.

Chief Engineer, IS & WR has submitted that as the proposed pumping at Pattiseema would be a part of Polavaram Project to achieve early benefits by way of diversion of Godavari waters to river Krishna, the said proposal is well within the frame work of Krishna and Godavari Tribunal Awards.

5. Under the circumstances explained above, Government after careful examination, hereby accord in principle administrative approval for the work “Diversion of water from river Godavari to river Krishna through Polavaram Project Right Main Canal for domestic and industrial use as a part of water grid” for an amount of Rs 1300.00 Crores
(Rupees Thirteen hundred crores) subject to the following conditions

i) The ENC shall accord technical sanction after obtaining permission from the Govt duly submitting Detailed Project Report including completion period for the works.

ii) Tenders have to be invited to take up the works under EPC mode of procurement as given in the PWD Code adopting standard bid document for General Condition of Contract appropriately as approved for Polavaram Project and fixing proper time frame for completion of the works including pumping station, pressure main installation of pump would be done in due consultation with APGENCO. Simultaneously, Right Main Canal works will also be taken up for completion in the same time frame as fixed for this work.

iii) Special conditions of contract can be incorporated which may include LA, stage wise completion (staggered completion time of pumps and motors) where main objective of transfer of water to Krishna river is realized by
synchronized completion of the lift including pressure main, and completion of work in Right Main canal of Polavaram Project and ensuring the reuse of pumping electromechanical systems, and any other reusable
items elsewhere once the water is available through gravity. Land Acquisition for the purpose also can be suitably done by involving lease agreements or transfer of usuary rights for a limited period on mutual consent basis.

iv) A High Power Committee headed by Chief Secretary and comprising of Prl. Secretary, I & CAD Department, Secretary, Finance (W&P) Department, Engineer-in-Chief (Irr) shall be competent to take all steps and decisions for timely completion of work which may include coordination with District Administration and Forest Department for
speedy LA and R&R and forest clearance to allow unhindered execution of the work.

6. The expenditure shall be chargeable to Head of Account DA 4700- Capital Outlay in Major Irrigation-01- Major Irrigation – Commercial- MH 120- Polavaram Barrage- GH  11- Normal State Plan- SH 27 Canals and Distributaries- 530 Major Works -531 Other Expenditure.

7. The Engineer-in-Chief, ISPP, Dowlaiswaram shall take necessary action accordingly.

8. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (W&P) Department vide their U.O.No.3510/136/W&P-II/14, dated 31-12-2014.

The ENC, ISPP, Dowlaiswaram Lrs.No. ENC/ISPP/DCE/OT1/AE/RMC Lift, dated 29-11-2014 and 10-12-2014.
2) From the CE, IS & WR, Lr.No. CE/ISWR/DD(AG)/G.D/689/2014, dated. 19-12-2014 ORDER:


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