AADHAAR Card – Constitution and Terms of Reference ToR 11

To enable targeted service delivery of Government Welfare Schemes and to prevent leakages in the service delivery system, the G.O.in the reference, had authorized the Information Technology & Communications (IT&C) Department to implement “Aadhaar” based Welfare Service Delivery Projects in the following 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh:

i) Anantapur ii) East Godavari and iii) Hyderabad

IT&C Department through its nodal agency Andhra Pradesh Technology Services Ltd. (APTS), invited separate bids on 11th September 2012 from eligible firms a) for supply, deployment & maintenance of POS devices and b) for Personalization and Distribution of Smart cards. The process of selection of the winning bidder was to be through Open Competitive Bidding.

The pre-bid conference for POS devices RFP and Smart Cards RFP, were held on 17th September 2012. The bidders had shared their feedback with respect to the proposed POS device and Smart card specifications during the pre-bid meeting and the same has been consolidated by APTS.

It has been decided to implement the Multipurpose Smart Cards in one pilot district i.e. Ananthapur. Smart cards will be used for authentication and transaction processing through PoS devices for all the benefits provided by the Government to Citizen under various welfare programmes like Ration Supply, Arogyashree, NREGA, Pensions, Scholarships, Housing etc. Online authentication with AADHAAR numbers would be piloted in Hyderabad and East Godavari districts.

Aadhaar Identity Authentication based Delivery of Government Welfare Services impacts multiple Government departments as well as requires collaboration among all concerned departments, hence Government hereby constitutes an Empowered Committee consisting of the following members:

a. Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Deptt. – Chairman

b. Principal Secretary, Rural Development Deptt. – Member

c. Principal Secretary, Agriculture – Member

d. Commissioner, Civil Supplies Deptt. – Member

e. Representative from Finance Deptt. – Member

f. SLBC representative – Member

g. Secretary, IT&C Deptt. – Member -Convener

The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Empowered Committee :


i) Recommend modalities for integration of Aadhar numbers in the existing data bases maintained by the following Departments:

(a) All Civil Supplies data bases including cards and LPG;

(b) All scholarship data bases (SC,ST, BC and Minorities)

(c) All Rural Development Department data bases, (NREGS, Pensions, SHGs.)

(d) All Farmers’ data bases including input subsidy beneficiaries etc.

(e) All bank accounts where Aadhar cash transfers can be made (excluding loan accounts, if they cannot be used for this purpose)

ii) Prepare a time-bound action plan with measurable mile stones for integrating Aadhar number into the data bases such that cash transfer can be directly received into the beneficiaries account through CBS.

iii) Recommend modalities for extending the pilot projects for two more districts Chittoor and Ranga Reddy, in addition to the original three districts including applicability of on-line and off line routes.

iv) After a dry run process of 60 days in above five districts, evaluate the on-line and off line authentication model and propose an appropriate model for State Roll out of Aadhar enabled applications.

v) Recommend modalities for transfer of data of all the departments in para (i) after seeding with Aadhar numbers to the State Resident Data Hub.

vi) Assess the need for cleansing and updating Departmental databases annually and agree on a process to accomplish the same on a regular on-going basis.

vii) Discuss and finalize on a common interface for UIDAI authentication mechanism for all welfare programs in the State
Hardware :

i) Evaluate and complete the bid process management being undertaken by APTS for finalization of Service Providers for Smart cards/Point of Sale devices.

ii) Evaluate and agree on a common configuration for POS devices and/or Smart Cards which can be used for all Government welfare service delivery systems in A.P.

iii) Assess the vender engagement models and approve a suitable approach.

The Committee shall meet as and when required and take decisions to rollout the project in the selected districts.  This order is issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department, vide their U.O.Note No.5714 F/PFS/12, dated 03.12.2012.

Implementation of “AADHAAR” based Government Welfare Services Delivery in A.P.– Empowered Committee –  Constitution  and Terms of  Reference  (ToR) – Orders – Issued. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS (INFRASTRUCTURE) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No. 46                                                                       Dated: 04.12.2012.Read the following:

1.  G.O.Ms.No.32,  of  Information  Technology  &  Communications  (Infra) Deptt., dt: 07.09.2012.

2.  Meetings held under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary on SMART CARD & PoS Project, held on 13.10.2012 and 30.11.2012.

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