Relaxations SC/ST Telangana Contractors in Public works

Telangana Government-issued comprehensive guidelines on certain relaxations/concessions extended to SC/ST/ Waddera/ Sagara Community Societies & Individuals in respect of Contractor Registrations and earmarking of Civil works etc.,

Coordinator, DICCI, Telangana chapter has requested for reservation of works to SC/ST Communities in Public works taken up by Government of Telangana with certain relaxations/ exemptions in respect of Qualification criteria, Bid capacity, Mobilization advance etc.,

The Engineer-in-Chief (I) in his letter has stated that the subject agenda was placed before Board of Chief Engineers (BOCE’s) during its meeting held on 22.07.2017 and 24-10-2017 for its discussion and necessary recommendation in the matter.

Consequent to above Board of Chief Engineers (BOCE’s) meeting and as per the revised proposals furnished by the Coordinator, DICCI, Telangana Chapter on the subject issue vide their letter dated 02-11-2017, it was proposed to convene Engineer-in-Chief’s (ENC’s) level meeting with all Engineering Departments on 05.12.2017 duly communicating draft opinion of BOCEs to finalize the deliberations and outcome of the agenda issue.

The representation of DICCI including their revised proposals along with Government Memos, G.O.Ms.No.29, I&CAD (Reforms) Department, dt: 26-05-2017, Comparative statement of views/opinion of members of BOCE’s including draft opinion of BOCE’s are placed before Engineers-in-Chiefs (ENCs) of all Engineering Departments on 05.12.2017 for necessary discussion and to furnish its views/opinion to the Government in the matter.

After comprehensive deliberations on the subject issue duly considering all the relevant aspects during the above Board of Chief Engineers (BOCE’s) and Engineers-in-Chiefs (ENC’s) level meetings, the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) submitted the recommendations to the Government.

Government after careful examination hereby consider the recommendations of Board of Chief Engineers (BOCE’s) and Engineers-in-Chiefs (ENC’s) Committee on certain further relaxations / concessions in respect of reservations of works to SC / ST communities in Public Works and hereby order as follows:

1. A pool of at least 200 SC/ST Contractors in Telangana State over a period of 5 years in their Engineering or Diploma in Civil will be selected. The selected candidates shall be trained in the National Academy of Construction in Hyderabad for an appropriate period. The curriculum and practical training for the training module will be developed by the NAC in consultation with the PWD, I&CAD and PR & RD Departments.

2. The team of SC/ST contractors include the individual SC/ST contractors, proprietor firms, partnership firms and private limited companies promoted by the SC/ST’s and the shareholders of the SC/STs in the proprietor ship firms. Partnership firms and private limited companies should be 100%.

3. Industrial SC/ST contractors may approach finance institutions on the basis of work orders given by the Department and they may seek necessary financial assistance.

4. For class –III, IV & V SC/ST contractors the solvency certificate is not needed. However for Special Class, Class –I & Class-II SC/ST contractors, the solvency certificate is required as per Departmental format. All Engineering departments shall harmonise form in accordance with format given by Indian Bankers Association and other Co-operative Banks.

5. Exemption of EMD shall be for the works costing up to Rs 1.00 crore (ECV) and the same shall be recovered from respective RA bills as stipulated under G.O.Ms.No. 29 I&CAD (Reforms) Department, Dt: 26.05.2017.

6. Entrusting of Works on Nomination is dispensed with, except for emergency works. The procedure as per the existing GOs for entrusting emergency works on Nomination shall be followed.

7. (i) In all Public Works Departments, the works costing up to Rupees One
crore (ECV) may be reserved for SC/STs as detailed below.

1. 15% to SCs and
2. 6 % to STs

Works for SC/STs could be pooled together. This will ensure additional pool of contractors generated enough authentication and it should be reviewed after 6 months from the date of implementation.
(ii) While calling tenders for the SC/ST reserved works, when there is no response up to 3rd call, it shall be considered to invite under general category.

(iii) For tenders called for on e-Procurement single Bid received for SC/ST reserved works, even for the 1st call of tenders, shall be considered.

(iv) List of works reserved for SC/ST Contractors shall be displayed by respective Tender inviting authority twice in a financial year.

8. The Qualification Criteria for SC/ST Contractors, shall be followed as per G.O.Ms.No. 66, I&CAD (Reforms) Department, dated:20-04-2015.

9. The Bid Capacity for SC/ST Contractors shall be followed as per Standard Bid document (SBD) i.e., 3AN-B.

10. The payment of Mobilization Advance is dispensed with and shall not be given again.

11. Among the ready bills for payment depending on the releases made the bills pertaining to SC/ST contractors should be cleared on priority.

12. The Bonafideness of SC/ST Contractors shall be considered based on the SC/ST Certificate issued by the Mandal Tahasildar.

13. The insisting of foundation training by the NAC to SC/ST contractors shall not be mandatory. However the contractors with NAC Training shall be given priority.

14. The Penalty clause for reserved works shall be followed as per Standard Bid Document. Action shall be taken against the erring contractors reported if any, as per penalty Clause.

8. Government also consider the recommendation of the Board of Chief Engineers (BOCE’s) and Engineers-in-Chiefs (ENC’s) Committee to reserve 3% of works exclusively to Waddera/Sagara communities in addition to SC/ST quota, with relaxations /Concessions on par with SC/ST Communities.

9. The Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation), Hyderabad shall take further necessary action accordingly. These orders will come into effect from the date of issue and are applicable for all the Engineering Departments in the State.

10. This order issued with the concurrence of Finance (EBS.IX) Department vide their U.O.No. 18569-A/199/A1/EBS.IX/18, Dt: 07-04-2018.

G.O.Ms.No.59 Dated: 21-05-2018.

1. G.O.Ms.No.29, I&CAD (Reforms) Department, dt: 26-05-2017.
2. Representation from Co-Ordinator, Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Telangana Chapter dt: 18-04-2017 & dt: 16-05-2017.
3. From the Engineer-in-Chief (I) Lr.No.ENC/IW/P&M/EE.I/DEE2/ AEE.5/SCST Policy/2017, Dt: 29-12-2017 and 05-01-2018.
4. From the Engineer-in-Chief (I) Lr.No.ENC/IW/P&M/EE.I/DEE2/ AEE.5/ SCST Policy/2017, Dt: 17-03-2018

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