Starting of new Government Polytechnic for Women at Jogipet, Medak

The Commissioner of Technical Education, A.P., Hyderabad has furnished the proposal for sanction of new Government Polytechnic College for Women at Jogipet of Medak District to start with 2 Diploma Courses namely DCME and DECE with an intake of 60 in each course from the academic year 2013-14, which have market demand.

Government after careful examination have accepted the proposal of the Commissioner of Technical Education and hereby accord Administrative Sanction to start a Government Polytechnic for Women at Jogipet of Medak District, with the following courses & intake from the Academic year 2013-14 subject to obtaining approval of AICTE, New Delhi:

Sl.No. Couse proposed Proposed intake
1 DCME 60
2 DECE 60
Total 120

The total financial implication for establishment of the Polytechnic is Rs.573.29 lakhs (Rupees five crores seventy three lakhs and twenty nine thousand only) out of which Rs.99.87 lakhs (Rupees ninety nine lakhs eighty seven thousands only) is towards 1st year expenditure.

Separate Government orders will be issued regarding sanction of posts for the Polytechnic.

The Commissioner of Technical Education, AP, Hyderabad shall take necessary action for sending necessary proposals for sanction of posts.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.HE) Deptt., vide their U.O.No.1166/38//Expr.HE/2013, Dt.22.01.2013.
G.O.Rt..No. 68 Dated: 30-1-2013.
Read: From the CTE, AP, Hyderabad, Lr.No.B1/10481/2012, Dt.12.12.2012 and dt. 8.1.2013.

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