Road works in Andole Constituency under MDR Scheme

(i) Improvements to Narayankhed Raipally road from Km 12/4 to 18/ 6 in Medak District. The Narayankhed – Raipally road is an important MDR connecting Narayankhed town on one end and Alladurg-Metalkunta road on other end apart from connecting many important roads and villages all along the road. As such lot of vehicles move on the road. The widening of the reach from Km 10/0 to 12/4 is already taken up. The stretch in Km 12/4 to 18/6 passes through lingampally, Dousapally, etc. villages and as the road is of single lane vehicular traffic is facing inconvenience. Hence widening to double laneis required 

(ii) Improvements to Carraigeway of Taddanpally X road to Singoor Project from Km 19/9 to 26/0 (including singoor Bridge approaches) The Taddanpally X road to Singoor Project road is an important MDR taken over from Irrigation Deptt., with length of 23.54 km. This road starts from Km 18/0 of Sangareddy- Nanded-Akola road and connects the irrigation Project at Singoor connecting several villages of Pulkal Mandal with Mandal head quarters of Pulkal. The vehicular traffic is very high due to Tourism Picnic spot and transportation of Agricultural products to market yard located at Andhole.

(iii) Improvements to Jogipet –Vatpally road from Km 7/4 to 18/2 in Medak District:

The road from Jogipet – Vatpally road is an important MDR connecting two state Highways i.e. Sangareddy-Naded-Akola road and Alladurg- Metalkunta road apart from connecting many important roads and villages all along the road. As such, lot of interstate vehicles move on the road. The reach from Km 0/8 to 7/4 and Km 21/0 to 24/09 is widened to double lane under CRF. The stretch from Km 7/4 to 21/0 passes through Talelma, Marvally, Nagulapally Etc. villages and as the road is of single lane. Vehicular traffic is facing inconvenience. Hence, widening to double lane is required.

2) The ENC (R&B) SR, Hyderabad has certified that no land acquisition is required for the proposed project and the lands available are free from encumbrance, encroachments and utilization for the above three works. He has requested to accord administrative sanction for the above three works under Plan (MDR) scheme.

Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord administrative sanction for the following three works under Plan (MDR) scheme for the year 2012-2013.


Sl.No. Name of the work Amount of

Rs. in lakhs


Improvements   to   Narayankhed   Raipally road  from Km  12/4  to  18  /6    in  Medak District



Improvements to Carriageway of Taddanpally ‘X’ road to Singoor Project from Km 19/9 to 26/0 (including Singoor Bridge approaches).



Improvements  to  Jogipet  –Vatpally  road from Km 7/4 to 18/2 in Medak District. 1000.00
  Total 1980.00

The amount sanctioned in the Para (3) above shall be met from the Head of Account Head of Account “5054 Col on roads and Bridges -04- Districts and other roads -MH800- Other expenditure –GH11- Normal state plan- SH (07)- Major District Road -530- Major Works -531 –Other expenditure.”.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) SR, Hyderabad, shall take further action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Fin. (Expr. PW) Department vide their U.O. No.6089/233/Exp.Pw-II/13, Dt.13-3-2013.

G.O. Rt. No. 341  Dated: 22 -3-2013 Read:-

From   the   Engineer-in-Chief   (R&B)   State   Roads,   Hyderabad, Lr.No.0075/ Plan works MDR / ENC (R) /DEE.9 /AE4/2012 Dt:4.1,2013, 23.1.2013 and 29.1.2013.

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