Construction of 7 Check Dams in Midjil Mandal

Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (T), Hyderabad, has submitted   (7) estimates for construction of Check Dams in Midjil   Mandal of Mahabubnagar District to accord administrative approval for Rs. 742.55 lakh to stabilize the ayacut of 1642 acres for which the Ground Water Department have given their recommendation.  The majority of the ayacutdars under these schemes belongs to Scheduled Caste Community and hence the schemes are proposed under SCSP. Further, he has stated that   no separate item of   work   is proposed under MGNREGP.  Hence,  he  has  requested  to  accord  administrative  approval  for Rs. 742.55 lakh under SCSP funds.  The details of seven estimates are furnished below:

Government   after  examination  of  the  matter, hereby accord administrative approval for Rs. 740.77 lakhs (Rupees seven hundred forty  lakh and seventy seven thousands only) for construction of (7) check dams in Mahabubnagar District as detailed below:


Name of Work

Ayacut Amount

( lakh)

1 Construction of     Check dam across Munnannoor  Vagu,  Munnanoor  (V),  Midjil (M), Mahaboobnagar District 234 acres 109.29
2 Construction of   Check dam across Chilver

Vagu,Chilver (V), Midjil , Mahaboobnagar District

270 acres 163.74
3 Construction  of    Check  dam  across  Midjil Vagu, Midjil (V), Midjil (M), Mahaboobnagar District 188 acres 93.45
4 Construction of   Check dam across Wadyal

Vagu, Wadyal (V), Midjil (M), Mahaboobnagar District

302acres 109.14
5 Construction    of        Check    dam    across Vallabharaopally Vagu, Vallabharaopally (V), Midjil (M), Mahaboobnagar District 205 acres 72.39
6 Construction  of    Check dam  across  Donor Vagu, Donoor (V), Midjil (M), Mahaboobnagar District 192 acres 60.47
7 Construction of   Check dam across Kothoor

Vagu,       Kothoor       (V),       Midjil       (M), Mahaboobnagar District

250 acres 132.29



The expenditure sanctioned in para 2 above shall be debitable to  “ 4702 COL on M.I. Sources – MH 789 – SCSP – GH (11) – NSP – SH (12) – Construction & Restoration of M.I. Tanks – 530 Major works / 531 other expenditure”.

The Chief Engineer, Minor Irrigation (T), Hyderabad is  directed to inspect the sites and satisfy himself with regard to the provisions made in the estimates, location of structures and approve design & drawings of the check dams before according technical sanction.

This order issues with concurrence of the Finance (Expr.PW) Department vide their 35414-A/1119/A1/Ex.PW/12, dated 3.1.2013. 44  Dated:11.1.2013. Read the following:-

From  the  Chief  Engineer,  Minor  Irrigation  (T),  Hyderabad,  Letter  no. DCE.Spl/OT (T)/AE (Con)/SCP/MBNR/2012, dated. 28.11.2012.

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