216 Lakhs to Wanaparthy for providing drinking water supply to certain areas

MLA, Wanarparthy, Mahaboobnagar has requested for laying of pipe line for extension of Protected water supply scheme under Ramanpad balancing reservoir to certain areas     i.e. Mettupalli, Rangamgadda & Nandimalla Gadda in Wanaparthy Municipality in Mahaboobnagar District.

Engineer-in-Chief (PH), Hyderabad has submitted the proposal to the Government for according Administrative Sanction towards taking up of certain components at an estimated cost of Rs.216.64 Lakhs, for providing drinking water supply to Mettupalli, Mettupalli Tanda, Rangam Gadda, Nandimallagadda and Gokkamgadda localities in Wanaparthy Municipality, Mahaboobnagar District under the Head of Account     2215-01-101-11-SH(04)-310-319 i.e., Assistance to Municipalities & Corporations”.

Government of AP after examination of the proposal hereby accord Administrative Sanction to the Engineer-in-Chief(PH), Hyderabad for taking up of the components submitted along with his proposals at an estimated amount of Rs.216.64 Lakhs towards providing drinking water supply in the above said areas of Wanaparthy Municipality, Mahaboobnagar District.

The expenditure sanctioned at para 2 above, shall be debited to the Head of Account 2215-01-101-11-SH(04)-310-319 i.e., Assistance to Municipalities & Corporations”.

The Engineer-in-Chief(PH), Hyderabad shall take necessary further action, accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr. M&F) Department vide their U.O.No.24791/493/A1/Expr.M&F/13, dated 21.9.2013.

G.O.Rt.No. 1526 Dated:24-10-2013

  1. Representation dt.26.03.2013 of Sri R. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, MLA,  Wanaparthy Constituency, Mahaboobnagar District, received through CMO No:1488/CMP-MM/2013,dt:04.04.2013.

2.  Govt. Memo No.8443/K1/2013, MA&UD(K1) Dept., Dt.17.4.2013.

3.  From the ENC(PH), Hyd., Lr.No. 342/T7/3/WNPY/UIDSSMT/2007  /Vol.II, dt.15.7.2013 & 18.10.2013.

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