Guidelines for Implementing the Telangana BC Economic Support Schemes 1

Guidelines for Implementing the Telangana BC Economic Support Schemes Government  of Telangana State have issued funding pattern of subsidy to implement the Economic Support Scheme with the following pattern of subsidy for Backward Classes in the State.

Tsobmms Telangana BC Economic Support Schemes Apply online

Subsidy Bank Loan/Others
80 %    (for unit cost up to Rs.1.00 Lakh) Balance as bank loan / individual contribution
70% (for unit cost up to Rs.2.00 Lakh)
60%(limited to Rs.5.00 Lakhs for unit cost from Rs.2.01 Lakh up to Rs.12.00 Lakhs)

2. Government have permitted to invite new applications from the individuals/societies through online in TSOBMMS of Centre for Good Governance up to 21.04.2018.

3.Managing Director, Telangana State B. C. Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad and the Managing Director, Telangana Washermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., / Telangana Nayee Brahmin Coop. Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad have requested the Government to issue Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Support Schemes.

4. Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby issue the following guidelines for the Selection and implementation procedure for the Economic Support Schemes to the Backward Classes in the state:

1. The Village wise / ward wise beneficiaries applications shall be downloaded from OBMMS by the MPDO / Municipal Commissioner concerned for identification of eligible beneficiaries.

2. Gramasabhas to be conducted for selection from the lists of OBMMS (including the pending cases of 2015-16), initially for individual beneficiaries for the units of Rs. 1.00 lakh and Rs. 2.00 Lakhs and finalize the eligibility lists with Corporation wise, Federation wise by 15.05.2018 for Rs.1.00 Lakh and for the units of Rs. 2.00 lakhs by 25.05.2018 and above Rs. 2.00 lakhs by 05.06.2018. The eligibility / most eligibility lists may be kept ready for grounding when ever funds are received.

3. The H.O.Ds will be kept in-charge of the districts for further follow up of action.

4. The List of eligible beneficiaries shall be segregated with community wise, society wise etc., for the Economic Support Schemes.

5. Wherever Bank Finance raised by the beneficiaries, it shall be placed in the SLBC and communicated to the District Collectors for approval of District Consultative Committee.

6. Selection of beneficiaries for screening / scrutiny of application is to be done in the joint identification camp in each Mandal / Municipality in the Gramasabha / Municipal ward.

7. 33% reservation to women beneficiaries and 3% for disabled beneficiaries is to be allocated while selection at Mandal level.

8. 50% Budget will be allocated for Professional / Traditional Schemes and 50% for General Economic Support Schemes.

9. Only one member of the family is eligible for the loan, spouse of the member, minor Children’s, un-married daughters are not eligible for loan, as in some cases it is observed that members of same family are forming a group which is not allowed. Individual member in the society shall be from different house hold.

10. Grounding of units at MPDO / Municipal Commissioner level for Economic Support Schemes, the District level monitoring committee chaired by the District Collector, with the following member shall monitor the selection, grounding and the implementation of the schemes:

i) District Level Monitoring Committee

District Collector Chairman
Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad Member
Executive Director, SC Corporation Member
DBCDO, BC Welfare Member/Convener
Assistant Director, Women, Child &
Disabled Welfare Department Member
Lead Bank Manager Member

ii. The District monitoring Committee shall perform the following functions:

a) Ensure the Constitution of selection Committees at the Mandal level and ensure that the selection of beneficiaries is done within the time frame.

b) Preparation of the District Action Plan of the Economic Support Schemes.
c) Review the progress of the schemes at frequent intervals

d) District Level Committee shall examine any complaints in the process of selection of beneficiary and grounding of schemes.
e) Any other intervention that may be needed for the successful implementation of the schemes.

iii) The composition of the screening cum selection committee at Mandal level shall be as follows:
a) MPDO / Municipal Commissioner (Municipality) / Zonal Commissioner (in case of Municipal Corporation) – Convener
b) Managers of all banks in the jurisdiction of the Mandal.
c) Representative of the B.C. Finance Corporation.
d) Representative of DRDA.
e) President Mandal Mahila Samakhya / Town / Slum level Federation in respect of Municipalities and Municipal Corporations.

11. The conversion of bank linked, non linked (beneficiary contribution), funding pattern in case of applicants who have registered for the year 2015-16 and not availed scheme shall be done by the concerned District Backward Classes Development Officer. For change of unit, the registered applicants of 2015-16 year shall be done by the MPDO concerned.

12. For Group/Society members, within the society sub-groups of more than one may also be considered i.e., 3, 5 members etc groups within the Group/Society for setting up of a single unit. The selection shall be done accordingly.

13. The MPDO / Panchayat Secretary / Municipal Staff have to certify that one member of the family only is availing loan.

14. The annual family income of the applicant should have below Rs.1,50,000/- in Rural areas and Rs.2,00,000/- in Urban areas.

15. Income Certificate, Caste Certificate and Aadhaar card to be submitted by the applicant(s) in the O/o MPDO/Municipal Commissioner after selection only.

16. During the selection of beneficiaries, priority shall be decided as follows:-

a) Poorest of the poor
b) Widow / Destitute women,
c) Physically Handicapped
d) Sanchara Jathulu
e) The applicant should not benefit by any other Government under Economic Support Schemes earlier.

17. Submission of Physical document of the selected beneficiary to O/o DBCDO by the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner.

18. Scrutiny of document at DBCDO office at various levels for genuineness of documents.

19. Obtaining Beneficiary contribution in the shape of Demand Draft / Online transfer in favour of concerned Managing Director of Corporation/Federations (incase of without bank linked schemes).

20. The concerned Managing Director shall obtain the list of selected beneficiaries from each District along with the unit selected.

21. Identification of suppliers of the units selected by the beneficiaries the cost of the unit will be released to the concerned suppliers by the Managing Director concerned.

22. Grounding of Scheme/Unit by the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner and submission of Grounding report to DBCDO as per guidelines.

23. Opening of bank accounts (Loan account & Non –operative account) for subsidy for Bank consent cases.

24. Obtaining bank account details from the bank by the DBCDO concerned.

25. Uploading bank account details in OBMMS web portal by district officers.

26. After Uploading the account details the beneficiaries list will be forwarded to E-payment login.

27. Scrutiny of beneficiary details by Office Manager, TSBCCFC HQ/Federations.

28. Generating online subsidy release proceedings approved by Managing Director, TSBCCFC/Federations.

29. Entry of cheque details in OBMMS web portal (HQ accounts login) for approval of M.D. concerned.

30. Entry of cheque and list of beneficiary details will be uploaded in PD account portal (for finance Department clearance).

31. In case of without bank linked schemes, after cheque approval by Finance Department, the cheque will be sent to the Treasury bank for remittance of subsidy to the account of DBCDO concerned along with beneficiary list for further remittance by DBCDO to supplier along with beneficiary contribution.

32. In case of with bank linked schemes, after cheque approval by Finance Department, the cheque will be sent to the Treasury bank for remittance of subsidy to the Loan account number of beneficiaries, the concerned MD will monitor the progress.

33. The DBCDO should furnish the Utilisation certificate with in the 15 days from the date of Grounding unit to the Managing Director, Corporation/Federations concerned, in case of without bank linked schemes.

34. The Utilization Certificates are to be issued by the bankers within 15 days from the grounding of the unit to the DBCDO concerned for onward transmission to the concerned MD, Corporation/Federations, in case of bank linked schemes.

5. The Action Plan of Physical & Financial targets and District wise budget allocation etc., will be communicated in due course.

6. The Commissioner, BC Welfare, / Chief Executive Officer, TS Most Backward Classes Development Corporation Ltd., / Managing Directors, Telangana Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd and (11) B.C. Federations, Telangana, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.

BCWD – Guidelines for Implementing the Economic Support Schemes by the Telangana B.C Cooperative Finance Corporation and 11B.C Federations – Selection of members at Mandal / Municipal level – Grounding of units by the District level Committee – Orders – Issued.

1) G.O.Rt.No.50, BC Welfare (B) Department, dt:09.03.2018.
2) G.O.Rt.No.68, BC Welfare (B) Department, dt:24.03.2018.
3) Government Memo.No.898/B/A3/2018, dt:31.03.2018.
4) From the Managing Director, Telangana Washermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., / Telangana Nayee Brahmin Coop. Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.25/TSWMCSF/2017, dt:19.04.2018.
5) From the Managing Director, Telangana State B. C. Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad Rc.No.630/TS-Scheme/Govt/2017,dt:24.04.2018.
6) Video Conference held by the Hon’ble Minister for BC Welfare/Secretary to Government (FAC), BC Welfare on 02.05.2018 with Joint Collector & DBCDOs of State.

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