TV9 and ABN News Channels Banned in Telangana why ? 7

The Telangana Assembly passed a unanimous resolution urging Speaker S. Madhusudhana Chary to take stringent action against TV9 news channel for running a programme using abusive and derogatory language against the members of the Assembly.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao moved the resolution condemning the channel for running the programme and insulting the Telangana Legislature as well as the legislators. He urged the Speaker to take action against the channel.

Mr. Rao raised the issue in the two Houses on Friday decrying such objectionable programmes, which he said had crossed the limits of decency. He read out the script of the programme, terming it “very offensive”.

Earlier, members of both Houses met in the Committee Hall of the Assembly where a CD of the controversial programme was played.

Mr. Madhusudhana Chary and Council Chairman Nethi Vidyasagar, along with other members, witnessed the programme. Sources said legislators cutting across party lines demanded the strongest possible action against the channel for belittling the members and showing the Legislature in a bad light. The Speaker and the Chairman were urged to take action.

It is understood that an overwhelming majority of the legislators demanded stringent punishment to those responsible for airing objectionable content. They said such action would act as a deterrent to other media houses that were trying to ‘run down’ Telangana and its government and culture.

tv9 controversy on telangana

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7 thoughts on “TV9 and ABN News Channels Banned in Telangana why ?

  • From Kurnool

    ee TV9 kodukulaki idi kavalisinde.. 2 states ela develop avala ani chusthunte janalu votelu vesi gelipinchina MLA la gurinchi inta cheap ga matladrhara.. ee na kodukulaki baaga ekkuva ayindi..

  • Laxman

    Banning TV9 in Telangana State is good and daring step. Many media people think they are supreme and they can use any sort of language they like against any person. This is a good lesson for them.

    The Anchor of Bullet news is vulgar in all aspects. Do not engage such anchors for short terms gains.

  • madhusudan

    banning tv9 telecast in telangana is very appreciable.

    seemandhra society humiliating activities like thinking/degrading/dominating/criticising on telangana people by seemandhra society from decades lead to bifurcation of state.