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Mee Seva Online Centers to Start in Andhra Pradesh

All set to go for Mee Seva Centers across Andhra Pradesh this June 2012, Anyway this online service was stated as pilot project  in Chittoor November 2012. If this service successfully executed by Government of Andhra Pradesh then we can expect more people in Meeseva Centers than government offices.

Government has decided to set time frame for each certificate to be delivered to common man like for Adangal time frame is 15 minutes and cost will be around 20 Rupees, Record of Rights (ROR) and Field Measurement Book (FMB) also 15 minutes and cost will be around 20 Rupees, for Village Map it will take 5 days because centres will not effort A zero size plotter to print  should come all the from Hyderabad, integrated caste certificate, residence and income certificate will take 7 days for first time and once verified and uploaded in database it will only take 15 minutes. mutation certificates will take 45 days for first time as per the rules.

Toll free number for Mee Seva 1800 425 3004

Sno Service Type SLA Documents Required
1 Current Adangal A 15 mins Nil
2 ROR 1B A 15 mins Application Form*
3 FMB A 15 mins Application Form*
4 Certified Copy A 15 mins Application Form*
5 Encumbrance Certificate A 15 mins Application Form*
6 Income Certificate B 7 days 1.Application Form*
2.Ration card /EPIC Card/Aadhar Card
3.Copy of IT Returns/Pay Slips(Govt/Pvt Employees)
7 Residence Certificate B 7 days 1.Application Form*
2.Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card
3.House Tax/Telephone Bill/Electricity  Bill
8 Integrated Certificate B 30 days 1.Application Form*
2.Caste Certificate issued to the family members
3.SSC marks memo or DOB extract or Transfer certificate
4.1 TO 10th study cetificates or DOB certificates issued by
Municipality/Gram Panchayath
5.Ration Card/EPIC Card /AADHAR CARD
6.Schedule I to IV
9 Mutation B 30 days 1.Application Form*
2.Registered Document Copies*
3.Old Pattadar Passbook/Title deed/(Seller PPB/TD)*
4.Tax Receipts if any
5.Recent Passport Size photos 5 Nos.
10 F-Line Petition B 30 days Application Form*
11 Copy of Village Map B 5 days Application Form*
12 Agriculture Income Certificate B 7 days 1. Application Form*
2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card
13 No Earning Member Certificate B 7 days 1. Application Form *
2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card *
3. Death Certificate *
4. Copy of Family Member Certificate
14 EBC Certificate B 7 days 1. Application Form *
2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card
15 OBC Certificate B 7 days 1. Application Form *
2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card
3. Applicant Father/Mother’s property particulars
4. Applicant Father/Mother Employment particulars/ Income Tax returns (for professionals)*
16 Family Member Certificate (For Social B 7 days 1. Application Form *
Security Schemes) 2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card *
3. Death Certificate *
17 Family Member Certificate (For Govt. Employees) B 7 days 1. Application Form *
2. Ration card /EPIC Card/AADHAR Card *
3. Death Certificate *
18 Duplicate Voter Id Card – EPIC A 15 mins Application Form*
19 Birth Certificate – GHMC A 15 mins Application Form*
20 Death Certificate – GHMC A 15 mins Application Form*
21 Birth Certificate Corrections – GHMC B 6 days Application Form*
22 Death Certificate Corrections – GHMC B 6 days Application Form*
23 Non Availability Certificate – GHMC B 3 days 1.Application Form *
2.Original Birth Certificate issues by the Registrar of Births
3.Declaration by Parent(s) attested by two gazetted officers
4.Notary Affidavit on Rs 10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper
5.Available Documentary evidences like educational certificates, Election ID Card, Ration Card, Passport, Driving License and Marriage Certificates are to be produced
6.A letter from the Hospital Authorities where the Birth has occurred mentioning the facts
24 Child Name Inclusion B 6 days 1.Application Form * (Duly signed by both parents if the child is less than 3 years)
2.Affidavit (Not necessary if the child is below one year) Affidavit is a declaration by parents confirming the Date of Birth and Place of Birth on a Rs10/- Bond Paper which has to be Notorised
25 National Family Benefit Scheme B 7 days 1. Application Form *
2. Income Certificate * (Family Income less than Rs6000/
3. Family Member Certificate * (Applicant surviving head of family of
deceased primary bread winner (no major sons)
4. Resident Certificate * (The
had been residing for the last 3 years immediately
5. White Ration Card *
6. Death Certificate *
26 Apathbandhu Scheme B 10 days 1. Application Form *
2. FIR*
3. Death Certificate *
4. Report of post Mortem/Panchanama
5. Affidavit on Rs. 10/- Bond Paper *
27 Allopathic Medical Care Registration B 7 days 1.Application Form*
2.Photo Copy of Lease Document*
3.Doctor Particulars in Annexure A*
4.Nursing Staff Particulars in Annexure B*
5.Paramedical Staff Particulars in Annexure C*
6.Supporting Staff Particulars in Annexure D*
7.Details of Specialities Available*
8.Details of Equipmemts and Furniture*
9.Audit Report of Last Two years*
10.Declaration on Stamp paper*
11.Demand Draft Towards Registration Fee*
12.One set of photographs of the premises with its functional areas (hard copy and Soft copy)*
13.Self addressed envelope, acknowledgement and affixed registered postage fee stamps
28 Pawn Broker/Money Lending License B 1.Application*
2.National Saving Certificate for 10000/- in the name of
Applicant/Firm *
3.Address Proof*
5.Copy of Attested Property Documents*
6.Bank A/C statement above 6 months with a min balance of 100000/-*
7.Copy of Firm Registration
9.Copy of Lease/Rental Document
10.Scanned Copy of Passport size photo*
29 No Objection Certificate B 7 days 1.Application Form*
2.Sale Deed / Release / Will Gift / Settlement / Partition *
3.Link Documents from 1976 (Attested) *
4.Affidavit on Ten Rupees stamp paper (Notarized) *
5.Site Sketch plan prepared  by licensed surveyor *
6.Self addressed envelope with stamp for postage *
30 School Registration Application Form B 7 days 1.Application Form in Triplicate *
2.Original Challan Receipt *
3.Copy of Society Registration Certificate *
4.Copy of Society By-Laws *
5.Copy of National Savings Certificate *
6.Sanitation Certificate *
7.Structure Soundness Certificate *
8.Teacher’s Certificate copies *
9.Building Plan *
10.Rental Deed/Ownership *
11.Self-Addressed envelope,acknowledgement and affixed registered postage fee stamps *
Agriculture income Application Form, Apathbandu Application Form,Current Adangal Application Form, Duplicate Pattadhar Passbook Application Form,EBC Application Form,EC Physical Application Form,F_Line Petition Application Form,FAMC SOCIAL SECURITY Application Form,FAMC GOVT Employees Application Form,FMB Application Form,GHMC Birth Application Form,GHMC Death Application Form,Hospital Registration Application Form,Income Feereimbursement Application Form, Income GENERAL Application Form,Integrated ST Application Form,Integrated BC-E Application Form,Mutation Application Form,New Pattadhar Passbook Application Form,NFBS Application Form,No Earning Member Application Form,NOC Application Form,OBC Application Form,Residence General Application Form,Residence Passport Application Form,ROR-1B Application Form,Subdivision Application Form,Village Map Copy Application Form on Website or click the link below:


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41 Comments to "Mee Seva Online Centers to Start in Andhra Pradesh"

  1. M.V.HUSSAIN says:

    Please arrange steps to erect Mee seva center under my organisation

  2. dayala rajendhar says:

    this is excelent service for ap
    totaliy govenment is computerised
    the services is faster and easir the comman man

  3. nagaraju says:

    good morning sir i want start a mee seva in nizamabad district at gole hanuman…..please give reply is any vancies at there,,,,,

  4. ravi kumar says:

    sir i have obc certificate i need computer latest version can itake cert.

  5. sa.manoj reddy says:

    sir i want the detailed information about the aadhar card registration in guntur by mee seva online please give information about it

  6. Jaleel Khan says:

    services extent more

  7. r hari parvatheeswar says:

    sir i R.HARIPARVATHEESWAR belonging to reddy colony, champapet lost my ration card. i want a new card/ duplicate ration , kindly inform the procedure to get duplicate ration card

  8. mahendra reddy says:

    how to transfer ration card from chittor Dist to nellore Dist

  9. niyaz says:

    hi hello sir….. i want to know about no earning certificate can we submit at mee seva centers?…..

  10. kukati.rajesh says:

    i would like to start meeseva center in my village how to apply for please give information

    • padma says:

      Sir, I want to know about how to select Meeseva kandras applicants all details in Egdt selections and reservation details,how to count qulifications and marks.pls send me details sir

  11. venu says:

    this is very servise thanks to ap governament iam venu from chityala 9959348343

  12. BANDI PREETHAM says:


  13. srinu says:

    how to take the print in curruption voter id card in meeseva center plz tell me

  14. usha says:

    Fed up with Mee seva and govt, totally. All non sense. I went to take Encumbersment certificate in Mee seva, but i was told that record not found. They told me to contact the registration office. I went there and got reply that they cant give the certificate as it is under mee seva. What a healthy service we are getting. No wonder people scolding the government.

  15. pushpalatha says:

    sir iwant to start mee seva in nalgonda .so please help me further deaails.what sources in mee seva

  16. priya says:

    hello sir , im applying for a income certificate regarding fee reimbursment unfortunately we losed our ration card ,so can i attachement adhar card in place of ration card

  17. Anitha says:

    Good evening Sir, Iam Anitha my child date of birth certificate is still not receaved i dnt know why e seva is doing like this, 3 times i went to e seva sir 3 times rejected plz clearly conform me how and when i get date of birth certificate through e seva. If any mistakes in my words plz forgive me and suggest me for certificate sir am tired to rounds to e seva i think you understand my problem.

  18. faisal al dayani says:

    plz provide me details how to start Mee Seva Center at chandrayan gutta hyderabad,where can i apply for that.
    thanks and regards

  19. Hi Pavan,

    This is nice concept making Ap fully online.
    I always wanted to help the needy and make the govt services reachable to common man.
    I want to start Mee Seva Center @ Alwal in Secunderabad location.

    Please provide me details to start it.

    Venu Gopal V
    Mobile :7799445669

    • pavan says:

      Mee Seva Second Phase Selection is going to start soon. You will find News Paper Advertisement in Every District Paper.Then every one should apply.

  20. maanoj thakker says:

    meeseva operators are charging service charges close to 20% – 25% on printing and processing charges without any receipt, govt

  21. P.Raghu Ram Prasad says:

    i want to know whether Mee seva centre will issue Link document of Registration dept.

  22. rajendereddy says:

    i want ration card please kindly issue my ration card

  23. rajendereddy says:

    dosili rajender reddy
    w/o dosili lavanya
    doter dosili heemasree 7-42 akhil pharma colony, chitkul v, patancheru m, medak district pin. 502319

  24. cn mmnm says:

    shall we get birth certificate here?????

  25. dasu says:

    i want cast certificate & income certificate & new ration card

  26. upendra rao says:

    i want to start meeseva center in khammam. so plz help me.
    plz send all details to me

    contact: upendra(m.c.a)

  27. p.rajulu says:

    dear sir ,

    how to to transfer ration card one distaste to one distaste .please reply me sir

  28. Sathishkumar.D says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start Mee seva Centre with AP online services.
    So, Please let me know the details and procedure and notification.

    (At Mahabubabad, Warangal Dist.)
    Contact: 9010296696

  29. Mahipal Korivi says:

    what is the processing time for getiing Caste Certificate

  30. god aftrn sir how to apply in mhabub nagar dist…. mee seva centar plz help me sir thank u my number 9885898590

  31. puneeth says:

    i have start new mee seva center plz help me my contact no 9963382537

  32. sivaji krishna says:

    how start meesava center plz give me details

  33. Srinivas says:

    I want to open a meeseva centre in Hayathnagar (Mandal), Ranga Reddy District. How to approach for this. Plz. give me the details.


    i want to start a new MEESEVA connection in my village please send me the details about new connection i am from Gandepalli village of Ganepalli mandal It belongs to East Godavari

  35. sairam says:

    Hai sir / madam,
    my name is sairam, i would like to start NRI meeseva in kuwait . please give me what type of documents are required to start the business ????
    thanking you sir ,
    Mr P Sairam
    M Pharm
    Email :

  36. Dear Sir,

    I want to start the Mee Seva Centre. please give the details how to start the mee seva Centre business, and necessary documentation. Kindly advice me

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