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Indian Railway Train Locating System on Mobile

Team of Indian railways and IIT Kanpur has developed a software Real Time or online train running information system which enables a mobile user to access information about the exact location of a train which works between satellite and digital tracking system available in train.

Initially started only for 36 trains which include Mumbai to Rajdhani, Howrah to Rajdhani, Dibrugarh Rajdhani, Sealdah Duronto and Shatabdi trains for Bhopal, Kanpur and Amritsar

From this technology if you send SMS a train number to 09415139139 or 09664139139 it will reply as where the train last left the station or nearest rail way station reached in how much time.

SMS Online train running information system expected to expand to all major trains in India in one and half year from now. This project will cost about Rs 50,000 to install a receiver on the locomotive for making the system operational. There will be a centre at New Delhi for receiving data from across the country. It is expected that that by the end of 2013, all mail and express trains will have the system.

Depending on the service provider the cost of SMS will be decided, also working towards providing broadband- based Internet and high quality train information displays and information boards at stations to improve the quality of passenger service.

This system is already available on website called which track your train and tells you exact location (if running).


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