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Google now Launched a new online platform Google Art Project  where you can find all paintings and museums around the world  you can find collections of all artists across the globe. You can find Image, Details and Location with street view of the  Monument.

For now from India  you can find only two 94 Artworks by 71 artists in National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA),New Delhi and 142 Artworks by 6 artists in National Mesuem,New Delhi.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

According to the official statement, each of these images contain roughly 7 billion pixels, thereby letting users to view fine details that lie beyond the brushwork and patina. Further enabling one of Google’s other marvel technologies, Google Street View, users will be able to take a tour of galleries by themselves and even save some of their specific views of artwork, thereby building and enhancing their personalized online collection, using the My Gallery feature in the Google Art Project.

Google Provided the filter option for Collections, Artists and Country. From India you can find Maqbool Fida Husain Mother Teresa  1988 – 1989  Painting.


Others are much further afield in terms of geography or mission. There are major museums from Mexico City, Australia, Japan, India, Taiwan, Australia and Israel, as well as the new Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. There are several artist museums, including those dedicated to Edvard Munch (Oslo), Frida Kahlo (Mexico City), Norman Rockwell (Stockbridge, Mass.) and Fernando Botero (Bogotá, Colombia). And there are definite moments of weirdness. The Ayala Museum in Makati, the Philippines, has uploaded 15 images of painted dioramas depicting scenes from Philippine history. The 20-year-old Olympics Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland — the single Swiss participant — is displaying lots of fairly awful statues of athletes.





Collection of Google From National Museum Delhi


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