Separate Storage reservoirs in Fluoride habitations to avoid mixing

In the circumstances reported by the Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department,  Hyderabad in the ref. 4th read above, Government after careful examination of the proposals of the Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department,  Hyderabad,  in cancellation of the orders issued in the reference, hereby accord revised  administrative sanction for Providing Separate Storage reservoirs in Fluoride habitations to avoid mixing of ground water and surface water in Deverkonda, Munugode, Nakrekal, Bhongir and Alair Constituencies in Nalgonda District – Costing Rs.300.00 lakhs (Rupees Three Crores Only),  under NRDWP-Quality, with a sharing pattern of 50:50 between  Centre  and State as cleared by the SLSSC State Level Schemes Sanctioning Committee held on 14.2.2012.   The details of sanctioned works are enclosed in  the Annexure of this order.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural water supply & Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, is requested to limit the expenditure  Rs.300.00 lakhs (Rupees Three Crores Only), and details of all works should be uploaded on IMS  “Watersoft”  System.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural water Supply and Sanitation Department,Hyderabadis requested to scrupulously follow the guidelines of NRDWP and utilize the funds as per financial rules. No changes shall be made on ground without following due procedure.

For any change from sanctioned technical estimates during execution, the agreement authority shall approach the approving authority concerned in writing. No assumption of approval should be made unless approval is received in writing. The Technical sanction to be accorded must fully conform to the above administrative sanction components only.

The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural water Supply and Sanitation Department, Hyderabad, while conveying the technical approval/sanction should ensure that  necessary instructions shall be incorporated therein to all the agreement authorities  (SEs) to follow the sequential order i.e. head-to-tail approach scrupulously (i) in grounding works, and (ii) while sanctioning payments.

All  works based on surface water source will be taken up only after clearance from Irrigation Department or the owner of source, as the case may be.

The DPR should be properly approved by competitive authorities.

The Superintending Engineer/Executive Engineer should ensure that these OHSRs are used to separately storage and distribute ground water and surface water in view of fluoride affect in ground water.

 Since this is  an extension works, all clearances must already have been taken and the sources must be sustainable. However, there is a need to examine this issue.  The reliability and sustainability of the source and technical parameters needs to be examined.  The Engineer-in-Chief, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, shall get it examined and report to the Government.  Only after specific clearance from Superintending Engineers will the works be grounded.

The Superintending Engineer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Nalgonda District, shall place the work to a District Level Committee consisting of:-

1) The District Collector                                                     ..      Chairman

2) The Superintending Engineer (Irrigation) Dept.                ..       Member

3) The Superintending Engineer (Roads and Building)   ..       Member

4) The Superintending Engineer (Transco)                      ..        Member

5) The Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishat                ..        Member

6) The Deputy Director, Ground Water Department      ..        Member

7) The District Panchayat Officer                                   ..         Member

8) The Superintending Engineer, RWS&S Dept.          …       Convener

to expedite clearances if any.

The above Committee shall also ensure that the PRI concerned like ZP or GP is agreeable to take up the O&M of the Scheme from their funds on commissioning.

The list of habitations is shown in the Annexure in this order.  No changes in coverage of habitation shall be made without the approval of the Government

      1)   From the SO& ENC, RWS&S, Hyd. Letter No.AEE/DEE(Plg)/SLSSC/

2011-6, Dated 29.02.2012  and Dt.31.3.2012.

2)      G.O.Rt No.611 P.R. & R.D. (RWS.II) Dept., Dt.12.4.2012

3)      G.O.Rt.No.802 P.R. & R.D. (RWS.II) Dept., Dt.9.5.2012.

From the ENC, RWS&S, Hyd. Letter No.AE/DEE-4/RWSP/Nlg Dist/45 Cr/NRDWP/2012-13  Dt.01.9.2012

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