Telangana Ration Food Security Cards – Status of number

Government of Telangana G.O.RT.No. 55 Dated: 12-05-2015 have considered it necessary to rationalize the number of cards in fair price shops in the State, keeping in view the accessibility i.e., the distance to be traversed by the card holder from his residence to the fair price shop, economic viability of the fair price shop etc.

Government, therefore, in supersession of all the guidelines issued in connection with the number of cards each fair price ship should have in different areas, issue the following guidelines.

i) The distance to be covered by the card holder from his residence to the fair price shop should not be more than 3 KM in areas other than tribal areas and it shall be one KM in tribal areas.

ii) The economic viability of the fair price shop dealer shall be kept in view while considering the number of cards to be attached to each fair price shop.

iii) In tribal areas/Thandas, a fair price shop can be created, for the convenience of the cardholders of that area, with less than the number of cards indicated below but, it shall be ensured that there is economic viability.

iv) The fair price shops run by Corporations and GCC shall be attached with the number of cards depending upon the accessibility of the cardholder from his residence to the fair price shop. The convenience of the cardholder should be of importance as GCC / Corporations deal with other Commodities also in DR Depots /
other areas respectively.

v) In urban areas, the cards to the fair price shops shall be attached ward-wise and on distance criterion.

vi) It is also necessary to ensure that the fair shops should have adequate storage capacity to store commodities particularly rice, in the wake of increase due to 6 kg per person.

vii) While attaching cards, the gross income on the commodities supplied, expenses like mulgi rent, wages to helper etc., if any, the net income etc. should be kept in view.

Government, after considering all the above aspects at the State level, decided that the following number of cards can be attached to fair price shops in different areas.

Telangana Ration Food Security Cards – Status of number
The above decision is taken to ensure that there is no unwieldy number of cards in the FP Shops, which makes the fair price shop dealers to lift the stocks and deliver on time, difficult.

5. All the District Collectors, are informed that the above instructions are illustrative. However, keeping in view the local situation, need to have the fair price shop, based on convenience of the card holders, financial capacity to lift the stocks etc., District Collectors, may slightly differ from the above norms and attach cards. For example, in case in a village, the number of cards attached to a FP shop is above 800 and it has become unwieldy for any reason, it can be divided into two with equal number of cards. However, the same shall be informed to the Commissioner, Civil Supplies along with reasons for doing so.

6. This Order shall come into force with immediate effect.

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