Recruitment in in coordination with SERP Telangana 2016

The NMMU, NRLM, has given SERP Telangana the task of maintaining a pool of National Resource Person in different thematic areas and make available their services whenever demanded by SRLMs in the country Recruitment in -. The thematic areas are:

•  IB & CB .
• Planning and visioning for staff and CBOs.
• Financial Management in Community Based Organizations
• HR Management and CBOs management.
• Livelihood Agri – Live stock NTFP, Nonfarm.
• SI-ID Gender. Elderly, Community Based Rehabilitation, Adolescent girls).
• Financial inclusion (SHG. Bank linkage. MCP).
• VRF – Vulnara bulity Reduction Fund, VRP -Vulnerability Reduction Plan. PIP-Partcipetary identification of Poor. • SECC. MGNREGA
• Convergence concepts.
• M & E. Manitaring and evalusation
• PTM. Partaripetory Training Methadoliges
• Socidl Security – Insurance.
Health & Nutrition food and WASH.

As an organization working in Rural Development sector for the past few years you must be having sizable number of professionals having expertise in the above thematic areas and Willing to work as National Resource Persons (NRPs) in other states. The shortlisted Recruitment in NRPs will he given orientation on NRLM concepts for 5 days in the last week of February or 1 st week or March. After this they will be graded and included in the pool of NRPs.

The National Resource Persons will be required by various SRLMs all over the country. On demand hr the SRLMs. the National Resource Persons will he deployed to SRLMs on mutually convenient dates. It may he noted that shortlisted NRPs will be working in other state ma~ he for 2-3 days in a month.

It is therefore requested that on may kindly send nominations for inclusion in the pool of National Resource Persons from your organization in Recruitment in .

The last date for sending nominations is  30 February 2016.

Anita Ramachandran, lAS., Chief Executive Officer, (FAC) Lr. No.24/ NRPTINRL \I RC/SERP/2015, Dated: 22.01 2016 [he SM I) CEO, SR 1. M states, Sir. Sub: SERP-TS Hyderabad NRLM RC – Creation of National Resource Persons (NRPs) Pool in different thematic areas to support SRLM as part of Capacity Building and support in implementation under National Rural Livelihoods Mission (Aaveevika). MoRD, Gol – Development of  perational protocol – Reg. The NMMU. NRLM. has given SERP – Tclangana the task of maintaining

Recruitment in in coordination with SERP Telangana 2016

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