Pre-examination coaching for Telangana Differently Abled persons

Government of Telangana have issued orders for constituting a committee for selection of persons and training institutes for imparting coaching for competitive exams for persons with disabilities.

Joint managing Director, Telangana Vikalangula Cooperative Corporation has stated that there is 3% reservation for Persons with Disabilities in these posts. There
are a large number of educated differently abled persons eligible for the posts to be filled up and if the Government provides preexamination coaching to them the chances of their selection to those
posts will be improved.

Government after carefully examining the request issued G.O.Rt.No.195, WCD &SC Deptt., Dt:01-09-2015 cited in the reference 1st cited and a Committee has been constituted with Director, Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens, TS Hyderabad as Chairperson and Deputy Secretary to Government, WCD & SC Deptt.,
and Managing Director, TVCC as members. After due deliberation and based on the recommendation of the committee the Joint Managing Director, TVCC has submitted a proposal vide reference cited stating
that Pre-examination Coaching may be taken up with the funds available with TVCC under related schemes.

The following guidelines are proposed to be followed for implementation of the scheme:

1. Selection of the candidates for pre examination coaching shall be done based on the marks secured in the qualifying examination for the post for which the competitive examination is proposed to be conducted.

2. Applications for sanction of financial assistance for pre examination coaching shall be received and scrutinized by the Asst. Director, Disabled Welfare of each district. Candidates are free to choose the coaching centre and the type of coaching they intend to undergo. All the competitive examinations conducted by the State Government or Central Government or Public Sector Undertakings for providing jobs are eligible for Pre-examination Coaching.

3. A maximum of Rs.15,000/- per candidate is permissible as institution fee for imparting pre examination coaching. If the actual institution fees is less than Rs.15,000/- (for a period of 3 months), the same shall be sanctioned in full. In cases where the institution fee is more than Rs.15,000/- per candidate (for 3 months) assistance shall be restricted to Rs.15,000/- only.

4. Apart from institution fees each candidate shall be provided an amount of Rs.5,000/- which is inclusive of Rs.500/- towards reading material and other incidental expenditure @ Rs.1500/- per month (for a period of 3 months).

5. Where the coaching period is less than 3 months, institution fee and incidental expenditure shall be reduced proportionately.

6. Selection Committee constituted vide G.O.Rt.No.195, WCD&SC Dept., dt.1.9.2015 shall finalise the list of candidates eligible for pre examination coaching. No. of candidates to be allowed for pre examination coaching shall be decided based on marks secured in qualifying examination. Where there are more number of applications, sanction shall be restricted to the availability of funds.

7. After selection, the candidates (based on merit) will be advised to select the coaching institute of their choice from the list of Institutions selected by the Committee and the 1st installment of 50% institution fees will be released to the coaching institute after completion of 15 days coaching programme on production of
attendance of candidate and the remaining fee will be released after satisfactory completion of the coaching programme as per prescribed syllabus and attendance of the candidates. Both 1st installment and final installment shall be released to the coaching institutes directly through cheque or online transfer of funds directly into the Bank account of the Institution.

8. A maximum of 500 candidates may be allowed to undergo free examination coaching. The selection Committee constituted vide G.O.Rt.No.195, dt.1.9.2015 may decide the allocation to each district based on the number of applications received.

9. A candidate is eligible to undergo pre-examination coaching in respect of one-examination only.

10. The Director, Disabled Welfare shall monitor the programme and get the coaching institutes inspected by the Assistant Director of disabled welfare for verifying the attendance particulars.

11. Committee Constituted vide G.O.Rt.No.195, WCD &SC is authorized to issue further operational guidelines wherever necessary in the interest of better implementation of the programme.

12. Unspent funds available with the TVCC under training head of account as per the proposal of the Joint Managing Director, TVCC letter dt.1.10.2015 shall be utilized for this purpose. 5. Government after careful examination of the proposal of Joint Managing Director, TVCC, hereby accord permission for conducting
Pre-examination coaching for Differently Abled persons for competitive examination for the year 2015-16 and as proposed by her she is permitted to utilize the funds available under Investment(training) Head of account of the TVCC towards providing free coaching to the candidates.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS-III) Department vide their U.O.No.13777/336/A2/EBS-III/2015, Dt:09- 11-2015.

G.O.RT.No. 268 Dated: 01/12/2015 Read the following: 1. G.O.Rt.No.195, Deptt., for WCD &SC, Dt:01-09-2015. 2. From the Joint Managing Director, TVCC, Hyd., Lr.No.TVCC/A3/196/2015, Dt:01-10-2015& 24-11-2015.

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