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Government have launched the Grama Jyothi Programme to empower the Gram Panchayats to be responsing
to people‘s needs and aspirations, accordingly with a view to have enhanced participation, Seven Functional Committees have been constituted to enable Gram Panchayats to focus on vital sectors that effect common man besides making requisite funds available at the Gram Panchayats.

2. In line with commitment of the Government’s policy to enable the Digital Telangana State Government Plans to make available key services at the Panchyat Level through the Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu (One Stop Shops) with a view to improve the outreach and quality of access for the select services such as epanchayat
services, payments for MGNREGA, Social Security Pensions, Mee Seva services and banking transactions. The centre will act as a technology-enabled nexus for convergence and system integration between various Government Departments in order to provide a range of services through a single window, including information, enrollment, e-governance; payments; and independent grievance redressal. The services of Mee Seva portals and Business correspondent of banks will be integrated with these centers to give seamless service at the Panchayat level. This would enable new vistas for savings, disbursements, insurance services, accessing government services, utility payments at the Panchayat level besides enhancing the scope of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu (One Stop Shops) has wi-fi spots facilitating video conferencing and other educational
and skill building services in the future.

oss.telangana.gov.in Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu

3. The Government of Telangana is implementing its flagship project Telangana Palle Pragathi (Telangana Rural Inclusive Growth Project – TRIGP) in the backward 150 Mandals of the State. The Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu (PSSK) shall be established as a part of e-panchayat. For establishment of PSSK, the funds from the TRIGP shall also be used.

4. The following guidelines are issued for establishment of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu in all panchayats in Telangana State:

One Stop Shop

I. Computerization in Panchayat Clusters: Every Panchayat cluster has been provided with a computer, printer, ups and broad band connectivity where such connectivity is feasible. It shall be the endeavor of the Government to ensure that connectivity including alternate forms of connectivity will be explored for
such of those clusters which are yet to be connected in a phased manner.

II. Data Entry Operators: Data entry operators provided in the first phase of computerization and will be adequately trained in the panchayat suite of softwares for ensuring that all operation of the Panchayats are
captured electronically in due course of time. The complete Panchayatsuite of softwares and softwares specifically prepared by the state shall be operationalized in the Panchayats for the roll out of the e-panchayat
services and shall be entered by the data entry operator specifically appointed for the purpose.

III. Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu (one Stop Shops): The Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu will be established in the Panchayat Office premises and will be run by the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) identified from the
Panchayat. Where adequate space or building is unavailable for the Gram Panchayat, the Gram Panchayat shall identify suitable space for the same, which is accessible to the people residing in the Panchayat and facilitate the center.

IV. Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE): The VLE is a women member who has the zeal to set up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. The VLE will be identified by the Village Organization (the federal
body of SHGs) and the Streenidhi Bank and shall at least have a minimum qualification of intermediate education. Preference shall be given to SC / ST women in the Panchayat. The VLE shall be responsible for providing all services at the PSSK besides rolling out services of the e- Panchayat andMee Seva.

V. Phase of establishment: The Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu shall be established in those panchayats, where there is access to internet (broadband) connectivity. The connection speed shall be minimum of
1MBPS bandwidth. For the areas, where internet (broadband) connectivity is not available, such centers will be developed in a phased manner after developing the appropriate technology such as WiFi, WiMax, VSAT, for

VI. Gram Panchayat to Co-ordinate the services of the PSSK: The Gram panchayat shall ensure that the connectivity service and PSSk centers are made fully functional by providing the premises and running costs to start with subsequently, the VLE shall fully maintain the center.

VII. Project Management: The District Panchayat Officers (DPO) will be incharge for coordinating and facilitating the establishment of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu. The DPO shall coordinate with the Panchayats,
Community and other departments for commencement of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu operations.


VIII. Roles and Responsibilities of departments

a. Commissioner Panchayat Raj & Rural Development:

i. The Commissioner Panchayat Raj shall be totally responsible for the establishment of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu at the Panchayat Office Premises. Initially, the computer, printers and related equipment of the Gram Panchayat shall be made available for commencing operations of the PSSK/ OSS and later shall be procured by the VLE.

ii. Development of the requisite softwares for enabling Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu services.

iii. Putting in place the property tax module & universal birth & death registration

iv. Enabling payments for NREGA and Aasara Pensions and their integration at the panchayat level.

v. Rolling t further services as may be considered necessary.

b. StreeNidhi Credit Cooperation Federation (SN): Streenidhi Bank has already been allocated a large number of Gram Panchayats as business correspondent of the bank. These centers shall be providing
the financial inclusion services to the self help group members besides disbursing Aasara pensions and NREGA payments. They shall be solely responsible for:

i. Identification of VLE:

The Stree Nidhi (SN) will be responsible for identification of VLE. The StreeNidhi shall identify the VLE through the existing SHG network of SERP.

ii. Training to VLE: The SN will be responsible for providing the adequate training to the selected VLE. The training shall be done centrally and shall focus extensively in the areas of appropriate use of technology, financial transactions etc.

iii. Contract Management: The SN will be responsible for the contract management with the VLE. The SN shall come up with standardized contract format for the VLE, comprising the terms of conditions for usage of technology, financial transactions, commission payments etc.

iv. Coordination with Banks: The SN will be responsible forcoordinating with the banks for their areas of service. It should  coordinate with the banks for enhancing the Cash Credit Limit & transaction limits in a phased manner, depending upon thenumber of transactions made by the VLE.

v. Fidelity Insurance: The Streenidhi Bank shall ensure the fidelity insurance for the VLE in transporting the money from bank and vice-versa.

c. Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Department:

i. Development of Portal for Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu: The ITE&C department shall develop a common portal, encompassing the existing services of Mee Seva, E Seva. This portal shall also include the new services to be given by different departments of the state. The portal shall be developed citizen friendly.

ii. Fund Management: The department shall coordinate with appropriate technology providers for its coordination and integration. It shall develop systems for effective transfer of funds and the commission payable to the Village Level Entrepreneurs.

5. All the District Collectors in Telangana state shall ensure day to day monitoring of the establishment of e-panchayats and see that the  expected outcomes are achieved by following designed processes.

6. These orders are also available in Telangana Government Website Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Department – Providing Citizen Services atDoorstep – Establishment of Palle Samagra Seva Kendralu ( One Stop Shops) – Detailed instructions – Orders -Issued. PANCHAYAT RAJ AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (PTS.II) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 89 Dated: 01/10/2015 Read the following:-
Ref: 1. G.O. Ms.No. 63 PR & RD (PTS.III) Dept., Dated 14.08.2015. 2. G.O. Ms.No. 64 PR & RD (PTS.III) Dept., Dated 14.08.2015.

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    i want to E- panchtaythi samagra service center at warangal location, So kindly give the process & whom contact person as soon as possible

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    sir we have some villages in financial inclusion project exiting BCs example in Nizamabad dist .Gannaram(v)lolam(v),metrajpalley(v),Dichapally (m) ,Mamidipally(v) ,Govindpet(v),chepur(v),lakkora(v)Armoor(m),etc ,sir kindly information what about this villages Business correspondent during in 5years we already open the villagers “0” balance accounts and PMJDY accounts ,we collected all of remittance of SHGs and we do all of saving bank transaction’s .Sir I Request what about exiting BC(csp) future and we selected OSS centre in exiting BC locations .