Narsaraopet 15.55 MLD Capacity Sewerage Treatment Plant

Orders were issued for according revised administrative sanction to Narsaraopet UGD scheme sanctioned under UIDSSMT for an amount of Rs.4400.80 lakhs with the following sharing paettern.

Sl.No. Agency Share ( Rs. in Lakhs)
1. Central share 2112.80
2. State share 264.10
3. ULB share 2023.90
Total: 4400.80

2 The ENC (PH), A.P., Hyderabad in the reference 2nd read above has informed that the revised estimate for the above scheme was technically sanctioned for Rs.4400.80 Lakhs and registered under ENC (P.H) R.No.94/2012-13, Dt: 19.3.2013. In the said sanctioned estimate, there is a provision of Rs.1000.00 lakhs for Construction of 15.55 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant with Waste Stabilization Pond(WSP)
Technology and Rs.412.45 lakhs for providing Sewerage House Service Connections(HSCs) to BPL households respectively. The ENC (PH), Hyderabad has further informed that the work viz., “Construction of 15.55 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant with WSP Technology” was entrusted to M/s Abhiram Infra Projects
Private Limited, Hyderabad duly complying with the tender procedure. After commencement of work, the agency could not complete the work within time due to non-availability of land with suitable soils for formation of bunds etc. and the Government in G.O.Rt.No.346, Municipal Administration & Urban Development (UBS)
Department, Dated:20.5.2015 have accorded permission to close the contract under clause 61 of P.S. to APDSS and initiate necessary action for completion of Sewage Treatment Plant. Accordingly, the contract was closed under clause 61 of P.S. to APDSS duly forefitting the deposits available with the Dept. in the form of BG.

3 The ENC (PH), Hyderabad has further informed that the SE(PH) Guntur has worked out the revised estimated project cost based on SBR technology considering the effluent characteristics conforming to Central Pollution Control Board/Central Public Health Environmental Engineering Organization (CPCB/CPHEEO) norms (BOD <10, COD<50,TSS<10, TN<10, TP<2, FC<100). Further to have healthy competition and to provide fair and equitable opportunity to all prospective bidders, it was proposed by the SE (PH) Guntur to invite tenders not limiting to any specific technology, but duly specifying effluent characteristics and broad parameters like the Foot Print, Units of Operations & Processes related to Collection, Pumping, Primary, Secondary &Tertiary
treatments, PLC/SCADA, Administrative & other amenities as deemed necessary and contemplated in the estimate Hence, it is proposed for according revised administrative sanction for the scheme Viz., Designing, Construction, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Trail run of 15.55 MLD- STP with Proven and Existing/Verifiable
Technology in India with PLC/SCADA & Effluent Characteristics conforming to CPCB/CPHEEO norms, Allied Sewerage Works, Sewerage HSCs (20,000) and O&M of STP (7 Years) for Narsaraopet Under Ground Drainage Scheme.

4 In view of the position explained, the ENC (PH), Hyderabad has requested to accord Revised administrative sanction for Narsaraopet Under Ground Drainage Scheme for Rs 6976.49 Lakhs (Rupees Sixty-nine crores Seventy-six lakhs and Fortynine thousand only).

5 Government after careful examination of the matter here by agree in principle to the proposal of the Eingineer-in-Chief (PH), A.P., Hyderabad to take up the Narsaraopet UGD with revised project cost of Rs. 6976.49 lakhs(Rupees Sixty-nine crores Seventysix lakhs and Forty-nine thousand only). This project shall be taken up under Clause 17.1 of AMRUT. The project cost of the Narsaraopet UGD shall be subject to final
approval of the project proposals by the Government.

6. The Engineer-in-Chief (Public Health), Hyderabad and the Managing Director, APUFIDC Ltd., Hyderabad shall take action accordingly. Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Town (UIDSSMT) –
Narsaraopet UGD scheme-Construction of 15.55 MLD Capacity Sewerage Treatment Plant – Revised Administrative sanction -Accorded– orders – Issued. MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (UBS) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 270 Dated: 15-12-2015

Read the following:-
1. GO.Ms.No.1151, MAUD (UBS) Department, Dated: 21.11.20111 2. From ENC (PH), Hyderabad
Lr.No.6107/T3/Narsaraopet/UIDSSMT/UGD/2015, dated: 3.10.2015 and 29.11.2015.
3. From MD, APUFIDC Lr.No.30703/APUFIDC/UIDSSMT/N.Peta/UGD/2009-10, dated: 24.11.2015.

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