Distribution of Clothes to poor Telangana Christians in 195 locations

Government traditionally hosts Dawat-e-Iftar for Muslims and High Tea / Dinner for Christians over the years on the occasion of Ramzan and Christmas respectively.  At the time of Dawat-e-Iftar conducted during July-2015, the Government of Telangana have decided to observe the various festivals of certain Minorities by feeding the poor and needy persons as well as Distribution of Gift Packets consisting of Clothes to the poor and needy on the same lines as was done for the Dawat-e-Iftar for Muslims.

Therefore Government hereby order that Christmas Feast will be organized on 19th December, 2015 in connection with Christmas Festival at (100) Churches/Locations in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area and (95) Locations/Churches in the Assembly Constituency Head quarters in the Districts. Additionally, 5,000 Children of Orphanages and 5,000 inmates of Old Age Homes etc., will also be given Christmas Feast.  At each location 1,000 people will be given food.  Total 2.05 Lakh people will be fed on the occasion. Funds required will be Rs.200/- per person (i.e., 2.05 Lakhs X Rs. 200 = Rs. 4.10 Crores).

The (13) major denominations among Christians and additionally Independent Churches have agreed to conduct the Christmas Feast unitedly in (100) locations of G.H.M.C. area. One Nodal Church will be identified for each location and this Church will form organizing Committee at its level by including all the Members from other denominations and conduct the Feast. Funds will be released to Nodal Church Account through the District Collectors.

In the 95 Rural Assembly Constituencies the District Collector will identify Location/Church in the Assembly Headquarters in consultation with the concerned local Church Leaders. Informal Committee consisting of Members of all denominations will be formed and it will conduct the Feast unitedly.  Similarly, these Committees will identify Orphanages/Old Age Homes where the feast is to be conducted.  The required amount will be released to each Location/Nodal Church account through the District Collector and all the arrangements for holding the Feast and preparing the food will be done by the local Committee of Church Leaders relevant to that Location.  For the Districts, funds @ Rs.2.00 lakhs for each location will be released to the District Collectors, who in turn will release to the identified Nodal Church Account. Funds for feast for Orphans and Old Age Homes etc., (5000 + 5000) will be released separately based on specific identification of beneficiaries.

In addition to Christmas Feast, it is decided to distribute Gift Packet of Clothes to poorest of poor Christian families on the occasion of Christmas on behalf of the Telangana Government. The Gift Packet will consist of one Pant and Shirt, one Saree and one Shalwaar Kameez set (all unstitched clothes).  The Gift Packet is estimated to cost Rs.500/- to Rs.550/-.  For 2.05 lakhs persons/families an amount of Rs.1127.50 Lakhs is required.  The Government will release the funds required for the same to the Director, Minorities Welfare and the Director, Minorities Welfare will follow procedure and will centrally arrange for Distribution of 1,000 packets to each of 100 location in GHMC limits and requisite number of Gift Packets required for each District will be released to the District Collectors and who in turn will distribute to the Nodal Church.  Identification of beneficiaries will be done by the Nodal Church Committee.

 The distribution of clothes will be undertaken on 16th December, 2015.

A Tender Committee will be formed under the Chairmanship of Director, Minorities Welfare, Hyderabad consisting of the following Members, to call for and accept / shortlist tenders for supply of clothes:-

1. Director, Minorities Welfare Chairman
2. Representative of Finance Department Member
3. Representative of Labour Department Member
4. Chief Controller of Stores, T.S.R.T.C. Member
5. Representative of Handlooms and Textiles Department Member
6. Assistant Director, Weavers Service Centre, Govt. of India, Hyd. Member
7. Chief Executive Officer, Telangana State Wakf Board Member
8. Dy. Superintendent of Police, Anti Corruption of Bureau, Hyderabad Member
9. Representative of G.H.M.C. Member
10. Representative of APCO, Telangana Unit Member
11. Managing Director, Telangana State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation Hyderabad Member/ Convener

A State Level Implementing Committee will be formed under the Chairmanship of Director General, Anti Corruption Bureau, Telangana State with Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Commissioner & Special Officer, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Secretary to Government, Minorities Welfare Department, Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Commissioner, Backward Classes Welfare, Secretary to Government, Scheduled Castes Development Department, & Joint Secretary to Government, Education Department.

Therefore sanction is hereby accorded for release of funds amounting to Rs.1537.00 lakhs as Additional Funds to Director, Minorities Welfare to meet the Expenditure as follows: –

I. Conduct of Christmas Feast at 100 Locations In GHMC limits for feeding 1000 people at each location @ Rs. 200/- per person (100 x 1000 x 200) Rs.200 lakhs
II. Conduct of Christmas Feast at 95 locations in the Assembly Constituency Head Quarters for feeding1000 people at each location @ Rs. 200/- per person (95 x 1000 x 200) Rs.190 lakhs
III. Conduct of Christmas Feast for 5000 children of Orphanages @ Rs. 200/- per children (5000 x 200) Rs.10 lakhs
IV. Conduct of Christmas Feast for 5000 people of Old Age Homes @ Rs. 200/- per person (5000 x 200) Rs.10 lakhs
Rs.410 lakhs 
I. Distribution Gift Packets (Clothes) at 100 Locations for distribution to 1000 people / families at each location@ Rs. 550/- per packet                         (100 x 1000 x 550) Rs.550 lakhs
II. Distribution of Gift Packets (Clothes) at 95 locations in the Assembly Constituency Head Quarters for 1000 people / families at each location @ Rs. 550/- per packet (95 x 1000 x 550) plus 5000 + 5000 packets) Rs.577 lakhs
  Total Gift Packs Rs.1127 lakhs
(Grand Total Rs. 410 Lakhs + Rs. 1127 Lakhs = Rs. 1537 Lakhs)

 Finance Department vide reference 3rd read above have allocated funds for the same. The above expenditure of Rs.1537.00 Lakhs (Rupees one thousand five hundred and thirty seven lakhs only) shall be met from the additional funds released in the reference read above in the B.E. 2015-16 (Plan) under the Head of Account “2225 – 80 – 800 – 11 – 42 – 500 – 503”.

This order issues with the concurrence of Chief Electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana vide reference 3rd read above, wherein conveyed the No Objection of Election Commission of India for organizing welfare programme for Christian Minority on the occasion of Christmas-2015, subject to the following conditions: –

No undue publicity shall be made in this regard;

Works / tender should be of the ongoing nature i.e. no new works shall be announced;

No new works / tenders shall be initiated, which may influence the electors of the Local Authorities’ Constituencies;

No elected representative who is an elector in the biennial election to LACs shall be associated with the programme;

The Director, Minorities Welfare/The Managing Director Telangana State Christian Minorities Finance Corporation and all the District Collectors are requested to take necessary action accordingly.

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