95 Lakhs expenditure for Seeding Aadhaar in the NPR database

Government of India have issued notification to prepare and update the National Population Register (NPR) and the field work for house to house enumeration throughout the Country for collection of information relating to all persons who are usually residing within the jurisdiction of Local Registrars. In the reference 2nd read above, the Government of India notification has been re-published in the extraordinary Gazette of Telangana.

Government have issued notification for conducting the house to house enumeration for updating the NPR database from 16-11-2015 to 15-12-2015 in the State.

Finance (EBS-I) Dept., have issued Budget Release Order for an amount of Rs.10.00 crore (Rupees Ten crores only) as an additional funds towards meeting the expenditure in connection with updation of
National Population Register (NPR) and seeding Aadhaar in the NPR database in the State during 2015-16 in relaxation of Treasury control and quarterly regulation orders, under the Head of Account “2052 – 00 – 090 – 00 – 07 – 500 – 503”.

1st instalment of funds were released to the 9 districts of Telangana State towards meeting the expenditure in connection with updation of National Population Register (NPR) except Warangal district, since the model code of conduct was in vogue for the conduct of bye-elections.

Now that the bye-election process is completed in Warangal district, Government after careful examination, hereby accord sanction and release an amount of Rs.95.00 lakh (Rupees Ninety five lakhs only) as the first instalment towards meeting the expenditure for Printing, Contingency, POL, Stationary etc, and also towards Training Allowance in connection with updation of National Population Register (NPR) to the Warangal District, during the year 2015-2016.

The amount sanctioned in para-4 above, shall be debited to the head of account “2052-00-090-00-07-500-503”. The amount released shall be credited to the PD Account directly under the head of account “8448-Deposits of Local fundsMH-120-Other funds-SH-(22)-Deposits of the Decentralised Planning”. The District Treasury Officers are requested to adjust the amounts by crediting to the above head of account.

The District Collector, Warangal is authorized to draw and incur the expenditure, as per norms specified in the reference , towards Printing, Contingency, POL, Stationary etc, and also towards Training Allowance in connection with updation of National Population Register (NPR).

The District Collector, Warangal is requested to furnish full consolidated particulars of the expenditure incurred, to the Planning Department and to the Director of Census Operations, Telangana, Hyderabad along with Utilization Certificates so as to reconcile the expenditure with the Accountant General, Telangana., Hyderabad and to settle the ‘On Account Advances’ paid by the Government of India, for the purpose.

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Telangana, Hyderabad is requested to authorize the expenditure immediately and ensure that the District Treasury Officer / Pay & Accounts Officer concerned to admit and honour the bills without any delay.

This order does not require the concurrence of the Finance (EBS-I)  Department, as per the rules in vogue.

G.O.RT.No. 557 Dated: 26/11/2015

Read the following:

1.Lr.No.9/41/2015-CRD(NPR) Dt.17-07-2015 from Registrar General Citizen Registration, India, New Delhi.

2.G.O.Ms.No.327, G.A (Accom.A1) Dept, Dt.24-07-2015.

3.G.O.Ms.No.355, G.A (Accom.A1) Dept, Dt.14-08-2015.

4.Lr.No.9/26/2015-CRD(NPR) Dt.10-08-2015 from Registrar General Citizen Registration, India, New Delhi.

5.G.O.Ms. No.11, Planning (VIII) Department, dated:07-10-2015. 6.G.O.Rt.No.3339, Finance (EBS-I) Dept, Dt.12-11-2015. 7.G.O.Rt.No.543, Planning (VIII) Department, Dt.13-11-2015.

PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT  The District Collector, Warangal The Chief Planning Officer, Warangal
The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, TS., Hyderabad, The Pay and Accounts Officer, TS, Hyderabad,
The District Treasury Officer, Warangal The Accountant General, Telangana, Hyderabad. The Finance (EBS-I) Department, The Registrar General of Citizens Registration, India, Ministry of Home Affairs, 2/A Man Singh Road, New Delhi-110 011. The Joint Director & Controlling Officer, O/o the Directorate of Census Operations of A.P & Telangana, Kendriya Sadan, Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad.

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