It has been brought to the notice of the Government of  Andhra Pradesh that certain Engineers of I & CAD Department have committed irregularities in procurement of SG Shutters in Vamsadhara Project, in Srikakulam District. After careful examination of the matter, in the references above, orders have been issued placing […]

Shutters scandal in Vamsadhara Project

Engineer-in-Chief, PR, Hyderabad has submitted proposals for BT renewals for 609 road works i.e. 309 works for PMGSY  Roads  and  300  works  for  Non  PMGSY  Roads  for  a  total  amount  of Rs. 20865.12 lakh for the period 2012-13 under Maintenance of Rural Roads Grant which were completed under Pradhan Mantri […]

BT Renewals for 609 Road works around Andhra Pradesh