Sanction of Rs.2.00 Crores to Mahaboobnagar- Munnanur – Telkapally Road

The E-in-C (R&B) State Roads, has stated that the Achampet – Lingal road is an important Major district road, total lenth of 19.930 Kms. This road starts at Km 0/0 on Mahaboobnagar-Munnanur road (SH-20) and ends at Km 19/930 on Telkapally- Lingal road (MDR). It also connects Mandal Headquarters of Achampet, Balmoor, Lingal, Telkapally and many other interior villages.

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The road stench from Km 0/0 to 1/0 is a double lane B.T due to rapid development of the Achampet town the town portion is extended beyond the Km 1/0. Hence, widening is proposed from Km 1/0 to5/4 in this estimate. The traffic intensity on this road is very high and causing inconvenience to the traffic plying on this road. Hence widening of the existing single lane road to double lane is very much essential. He has certified that the Stage–I approval is not required as detailed investigation is completed and designs are finalized. No land acquisition and shifting of utilities are required for taking up the subject work without interruption. The ENC (R&B) SR, Hyderabad has requested to accord administrative sanction of  Rs. 2.00 Crores for the work “Widening of Achampet – Lingal road from Km 1/0 to 5/320 in Mahaboobnagar District” under Plan- MDR for the year 2012-13.

2)  Government after careful examination of the matter hereby accord administrative sanction of Rs.2.00 Crores (Rupees Two Crore only) for the work Widening of Achampet – Lingal road from Km 1/0 to 5/320 in Mahaboobnagar District under plan MDR for the year 2012-2013.

3)  The amount sanctioned in Para (2) above shall be debited to the Head of Account “5054 – COL on Roads and Bridges; 04 – District & Other Roads; MH-800 – Other Expenditure; GH-11 – Normal State Plan; SH (07) Major District Roads; 530 – Major Works; 531 – Other Expenditure”.

4) The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) SR, Hyd., shall take necessary action accordingly.

5) This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr. PW) Dept, vide their

U.O.No.19244/853/A2/Expr.PW/12, Dt. 25.07.2012.

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