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Agreement the following expression shall have the following meaning.  JOINT VENTURE – for the purpose of this agreement shall mean acting in collaboration by the parties hereto in a Joint Venture. JOINT VENTURE – shall mean all the parties to this Agreement acting jointing and/or severally to execute the “Consultancy services”. The extent of such acting jointly and/or severally shall be as enumerated below.

THE CONSULTANCY SERVICES – shall mean, the works as described in the Scope of services hereunder written and any sanctioned variations thereto.

THE CONTRACT – shall mean any contracts entered into by the Joint Venture with the Employer for the execution of the Consultancy services.

THE EMPLOYER – shall means, the APCRDA, GoAP, for the work as per eTender Notice No. 02/APCRDA/Infra/Master Plan/1495/2015 dated: 03.12.2015

2. Preparation & Submission of Bids:

The parties of the Joint Venture (JV) shall jointly prepare and submit the bid documents in the name of the Joint Venture which shall be in such form and shall contain such items and conditions as the employer shall require. After its preparation and submission as aforesaid, the Joint Venture shall be jointly and severally bound by the provision of the tender or tenders and none of the party of the Joint Venture can vary or seek to vary the same without previous written consent of the other.

Any bond, Guarantees or Indemnities required by or arising out of the terms and conditions of the tender or contract shall be procured by the parties proportionate to their share of participation or as agreed by mutual consent.

In connection with submission of the tenders and the execution of the consultancy services, no party of this Joint Venture shall in any way act either alone or jointly with, by or through any other party in a manner likely to be detrimental to the tender and/or execution of the consultancy services.

3. The Acceptance of Bid:

If the employer accepts the bid it shall be jointly binding on the Joint Venture. In that event, the Leader of the Joint Venture shall for an on behalf of the Joint Venture enter into a contract in consultation with the parties herein, with the employer to execute the consultancy services and the members of the Joint Venture do hereby jointly and severally bind themselves to fulfil the contract and execute the services faithfully and perform and observe all the terms and conditions thereon of both as to one another and to the employer. If the said
Joint Venture is successful in executing and completing the said services, the parties of the Joint Venture will discharge the responsibilities of each as required for proper execution of services.

4. Participation:

Each member of the Joint Venture agrees to place at the disposal of the Joint Venture, the benefit of all its experience, technical knowledge and skill and shall in all respects bear its share of responsibility and burden of completing the contract. The parties herein shall be responsible for physical and financial distribution of services as under:

Name of the Company Physical & Financial Distribution of Work 1. M/s ……………….
Leader of the Joint Venture Financial responsibility for the entire work (….%)
Physical work: Execution of part of the work (….%) 2. M/s ……………….
Financial responsibility for the entire work (….%) Physical work: Execution of part of the work (….%)
3. M/s ………………. Financial responsibility for the entire work (….%) Physical work: Execution of part of the work (….%)

5. Execution and Control of services:

The performance of the contracts and execution of the works will be subject to the overall control of a Supervisory Board, which will consist of representatives of all the parties hereto, holding Power of Attorney, subject to the overriding authority of the supervisory board, execution and carrying out  works, co-ordinated, managed and directed by the project manager appointed by the Leader of the Joint Venture.

6. Working Capital and Banking Accounts:

As soon as necessary after acceptance of the tender, the Leader of the Jointing Venture shall open a separate Bank Accounts with the concurrence of the parties with such bankers and at such places. The members of the Joint Venture shall contribute such sums commensurate to their value of services to the said accounts as required for proper performance of the contract. The said Banking Accounts shall be operated in accordance with the instructions of the Supervisory Board.

7. Assignment:

No parties to this Agreement shall have the right to assign or its benefits or liabilities under this Agreement to any other firm or person without obtaining the prior written consent of the other parties.

8. Law:

All the disputes under this Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Vijayawada Courts only.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set the subscribed their respective hands hereinto on the day month and year first herein above written

Pre-bid Conference 15:12:2015

Due date for the Submission of Bid 26:12:2015, 15:00 hrs

Opening of technical bids 26:12:2015, 16:00 hrs

Presentation to the technical committee 30:12:2015, 10:00 hrs

Tentative date of declaring qualified bids 04:01:2016

Tentative date of opening of financial bids 05:01:2016, 15:00 hrs

Tentative date of issuing Letter of Award for contract 11:01:2016

RFP for Amaravati Capital City Master plan Phase 1 crda.ap.gov.in RFP
The Government (Planning) have conducted a workshop with major active partners on Smart Village-Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh on 11-12-2015 in planning department. In the meeting it is proposed to conduct a 3 day consultative workshop from 28th December 2015 to 30th December 2015 with selected 4 participants from each District with the following objectives of the workshop.

• To review on current experiences and learning of the program in the state, and identify areas for improvement;

• To map ideas for strengthening processes, practices and activities of SVSW program; and

• To brainstorm on the project design, institutional arrangements, management structures, and implementation process.

The above workshop shall be coordinated by the Planning Department in coordination with AF-Ecology Centre, Anantapuramu. The in-charge officer of AFEcology Centre in the ref cited above has furnished the detailed proposal of the above workshop with an estimated expenditure for Rs 1,92,880/- towards conduct of the above workshop.

The Finance department in the reference 2nd cited above have issued CBRO for all the Schemes of the Planning department for a total amount of Rs.69,30,92,000/-. An amount of Rs.15,00,00,000/- is earmarked for the scheme Smart Village Smart Ward towards Andhra Pradesh during the year 2015-16 under the head of account 3451-00-092-11-27-310-312-PV.

The District Collector, Ananthapuram is requested and direct the Chief Planning Officer, Ananthapuram to coordinate with the Director, Dr.Y.V. Mallareddy, Director, AF-Ecology Centre, Upparapalli road, Bangalore High way, Ananthapuram and pay the amount actually incurred towards the conduct of the above work shop after the bills received from the Director, AF-Ecology Centre, Ananthapuram.

After careful examination, Government hereby accord administrative sanction and release for an amount of Rs.1,90,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Ninety thousands only) and debited to the head of Account “3451-00-092-11-27-310- 312-PV”.

The Assistant Secretary to Government & Drawing and Disbursing Officer of Planning Department, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad is requested to draw the amount sanctioned in para 5 above in favour of the DDO of Ananthapuramu District A/c No.34982172083, SBI Treasury branch, IFSC Code: SBIN0012831, Ananthapuram towards to make payment to the Director, AF-Ecology Centre, Ananthapuram.

G.O.RT.No. 686 Dated: 26-12-2015 Read the following
1. Proposals received from AF-Ecology Centre, Ananthapuramu
2. G.O.Rt.No.2604, Finance (FMU-GAD-2) Department, dt.1.10.15.

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