ITDA at Chintur, East Godavari District

Consequent on Re- organisation of A.P. State, (7) Mandals from Khammam District which are predominantly having Tribal Population have been tagged to the residuary State of A.P. i.e 4 Mandals namely 1. Bhadrachalam Revenue Manal (except Bhadrachalam Revenue Village. 2. Revenue Mandal of Kunavaram 3.
Revenue Mandal of Chintoor and 4. Revenue Manal of Vararamachandrapuram into East Godavari District and 3 Mandals namely 1. Renue Mandal of Kukunoor

2. Revenue Mandal of Velairpadu and 3. 6 Villages of Burgumpadu (M) of Khammam District i.e., 1. Seetharamanagaram 2. Sridhara Velair 3. Gumpanpalli 4.Ganapavaram 5. Ibrahimpet 6. Ravigudem (big) into West Godavari in the reference 1st read above.

2. On merging in to East Godavari District , the (4) Tribal dominated Mandals namely

1. Bhadrachalam Revenue Manal (except Bhadrachalam Revenue Village.

2. Revenue Mandal of Kunavaram

3. Revenue Mandal of Chintoor and

4. Revenue Mandal of Vararamachandrapuram have come to the operational area of ITDA, RC Varam of East Godavari District. However, as these Mandals on the river basin of Godavari and due to the geographical constraints it is difficult not only to the tribal population inhabiting in these Mandals to access the services from ITDA, RC Varam but also to the Project administration for effective outreach in implementation of
the welfare and development programs. Therefore, there is dire need to establish an exclusive ITDA catering to the welfare and development needs of the tribal population in the (4) merged Mandals.

3. The Director of Tribal Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad has sent detailed proposal for establishing new ITDA at Chintur covering the (4) Mandals merged in East Godavari District consequent on bifurcation of the State in the ref.

4. The Govt. after careful examination of the proposal of DTW, A.P., hereby issue the following order for creation of new ITDA to ensure effective service delivery to the (4) Mandals newly merged in E.G. District:-

(I). The jurisdiction of the newly created ITDA in East Godavari District shall comprise of the following Mandals:-
(i) Bhadrachalam revenue Mandal except Bhadrachalam revenue village (Merged with Nellipakaas Mandal Quarters)
(ii) Revenue Mandal of Kunavaram
(iii) Revenue Mandal of Chinturu
(iv) Revenue Mandal of VR Puram
(II). The Headquarters for the new ITDA in East Godavari District for the 4 newly merged mandals shall be Chintur.

(III). The ITDA, Chintur sanctioned in the District of East Godavari shall be registered as “ITDA Chintur” under the Societies Registration Act.

5. The Director of Tribal Welfare AP., Hyderabad and the Collector of E.G District shall take action accordingly and report immediate compliance.


TWD – GCC – Creation a new ITDA at Chintur, East Godavari District to ensure effective service delivery to the (4) Mandals newly tagged to the District consequent on State Bifurcation – Orders – Issued. Tribal Welfare (GCC) Department G.O.MS.No. 96 Date.03-12-2015 Read the following:- 1)G.O.Ms.No.315, Revenue (DA &LR) Department, dt:11.09.2014 2)From the Director of Tribal Welfare, A.P., Hyd. Rc.No.A1/2284/2014, dt:26.11.2014.

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