High Court Orders – Salary at Lowest Grade Employees

Government, in the circumstances reported by the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Hyderabad, in the light of the Common Orders of the Hon’ble High Court in the reference  and after careful examination of the matter hereby accord permission to the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Hyderabad to pay salary at the Lowest Grade of the employees of their cadre in the Department to the petitioners covered in the following W.Ps / OAs as per Common Orders dated 28-08-2015 in W.P.No.30530 of 2012 & other batch cases from the date of judgment of the Hon’ble A.P. Administrative Tribunal in the respective OAs.  However, it is made clear that all the respondents are only daily wage earners, there would be no question of other allowances being paid to them.  Allowing the above minimum of wage shall not confer any right on the petitioners to claim for regularization of their services on this ground.


S.No O.A.No. Writ Petition No.
1 O.A.No. 3056/2013 filed by Sri T.V.Prasad Rao and other Fitter, Allagadda N.P. of Kurnool. W.P.No. 25982/2013 filed by the Commissioner,Allagadda Nagarpanchayat.
2 O.A.No. 694/2012 filed by SriN.Shrath Babu and other of Piduguralla. W.P.No. 28188/2013 filed by the Commissioner, Piduguralla
3 O.A.No. 2993/2010 filed by Sri B.Govinda of Anakapalle. W.P.No. 30530/2012 filed by Commissioner, Anakapalli.
4 O.A.No. 6248/2010 filed by Sri A.Krishnaiah of Srikalahasthi. W.P.No. 24403/2013 filed by Commissioner, Srikalahasthi.
5 O.A.No. 5776/2010 filed by Sri K.Srinivasa Rao, Sweeper & 13 others of Piduguralla Municipality. W.P.No. 26389/2013 filed by Commissioner Piduguralla.
6 O.A.No. 10437/2012 filed by Sri Kurela Issak of GVMC. W.P.No. 24375/2013 filed by Government.
7 OA No. 9065 of 2011 filed by G. Ravi working as NMR Mazdoor and two others in Eluru Municipal Corporation  


8 O.A.No.6479/2011 filed by Sri K.Swarna Raju, PH Worker and 4 others in Eluru Municipal Corporation.                       —–

The Director of Municipal Administration, A.P. Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance (HRM.III) Department vide their U.O. No.10305/65/A1/HRM-III/2015, dated 17-08-2015.

Establishment – Suits – W.P.No.25982/2013  filed against O.A.No.3056/2013 – Implementation of High Court Orders  – Salary at Lowest Grade Employees without any other allowances  – Allowed  – Orders – Issued MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (G1) DEPARTMENT

G.O.Ms.No.    Dated:24.11.2015 Read the following:-

  1. From the Hon’ble APAT, orders dated 30.04.2013 in O.A.No.3056/2013.
  2. From the Hon’ble High Court, Hyderabad, Common order dated 28.08.2014 in P.No. Nos. 30530 of 2012 and 13557, 24375, 24403, 25834, 25982, 26389, 26514, 28188, 31410, 36810 of 2013 and 15694 of 2014.
  3. From the CDMA, A.P, Hyderabad Lr.Roc.No22875/2012/M2, dt.08.01.2015.

From the Hon’ble APAT, orders dated 29.10.2015 in C.A.No.260/2014 in O.A.No.3056/2013


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