Construction of Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal

Government have accorded administrative sanction for an amount of Rs. 399.00 Crores for construction of SSLC with distributory system and convertion of three tanks as reservoirs to provide irrigation and drinking
water facility in Nellore and Chittoor District .

The Chief Engineer, NTR Telugu Ganga Project, Tirupati has reported that Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal works under Package-17 was awarded to M/S progressive constructions Limited under Agreement dated:25.07.2007 for an amount of Rs.104,60,34,270/- @ (-) 7.11% discount under EPC turnkey system. Out of total length of 100.425km under 3 packages, 44.682 Km. of the canal was excavated. An extent of 263.146 ha. of land in wildlife sanctuary has to be alienated and excavation of canal for a length of 8.971Kms and 937.137 ha. of reserve forest land has to be alienated for excavation of canal for a length of 33.071km including formation of Devulapalli balancing reservoir. The Department conducted detailed survey and opined that it was not possible to detour the forest reaches up to km.56.250 and identified the following 3 forest reaches where detouring is possible in order to make the canal through from Km 56.250 to tailend.

Reach Chainage
I Km 62.200 to km 65.200/64.500
II Km 69.500 to km 72.950/71.950
III Km 93.000 to km 97.775/97.260

3. Accordingly, he prepared an estimate and placed the proposal before the SLSC and IBM Committee. The SLSC in its meeting dated: 10.06.2015 recommended the proposals and IBM Committee in its meeting dated:12.08.2015 based on the recommendations of SLSC finalized the net increase in IBM value for the above work for additional all items and deleted items duly considering the tender discount of (-) 7.11 % for Rs. 3049.55Lakhs( Rs. 2941.17+108.38).

4. The Government after careful examination of the above proposal and based on the recommendation of the SLSC and IBM Committee, hereby permit the Chief Engineer, NTR Telugu Ganga Project, Tirupati, to entrust the work of detouring of canal alignment as stated in Para 2 above to the existing agency as additional work based on SSR 2006-07 and with a tender discount of (-)7.11% for an amount of Rs.3049.55 Lakhs (Thirty crores forty nine lakhs and fifty five thousand only) in order to complete the project for release of water into Somasila Swarnamukhi Link Canal.

5. The Chief Engineer, NTR Telugu Ganga Project, Tirupahi shall take necessary action accordingly.
6. This order issues with the concurrence of Fin (FMU-WR.II)Dept., vide their U.O.NO.21799/102/A2/FMU-WR.II/15, dated:30.10.2015. Water Resources (Project.II ) Department – Telugu Ganga Project – SSLC – Package
No.17 – Construction of Somasila Swarnmukhi Link Canal from Km.39.900 to Km.100.425 duly connecting to Manna samudram tank through Merlapak tank near Yerpedu village including construction of CM&CD works together with raising standards of Devulapalli tank to 1.00TMC capacity and improvements to Pangur
tank for stabilization of 84,225Acres of ayacut including investigation, designs and estimation in Nellore and Chittoor Districts – Detouring the canal alignment in Forest reaches for an amount of Rs. Rs.3049.55Lakhs – Permission-Accorded.

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.99., I&CAD(Maj.Irr.V(1))Deptt., dt. 26-05-2006
2. From the CE, NTRTGP, Tirupati Lr.No. CE /T GS /TS/T- 4 / SSLC / Pkg.17 dt.04.04.2015, 21-07-2015 , 27-07-2015 and 10.08.2015.

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