Collection and dissemination of innovative practices for Public management

Government of Andhra Pradesh have adopted a missionbased approach in terms of Socio Economic Development to achieve the status of a developed state when India celebrates 75th year of Independence by 2029 as a part of Swarnandhra Vision-2029.

Government constituted seven missions, five grids, five campaigns, a people centred Janmabhoomi Maa vooru programme and Smart Village Smart Ward towards Smart Andhra Pradesh to become one of the top three states in India by 2022 vide reference 2nd and 3rd cited. To achieve this, Government decided to establish “Innovative Practices Cell” (IPC) to drive the Innovation movement in the state for coordination and convergence between various mission departments and collection, dissemination of the innovative practices adopted by Government of Andhra Pradesh, other State Governments and International best practices for effective public management by ensuring Service Delivery to the last mile and to achieve the destined task for Smart Andhra Pradesh.

Objective of Innovation Practices Cell

 To enhance quality of life through “Communities Innovation Projects” for societal well-being and wealth creation.

To drive the commercialization of outstanding, proven and high potential grass root innovation products, technologies and solutions.

To record, preserve, and create a pool of best practices and tools in governance reforms, including e-governance from International, National, state and grassroots levels.

To encourage novel ideas and practices duly creating a platform for professionals recognition and promotion through pecuniary and other form of incentives; and

To promote & inspire at all levels, making awareness and innovation to stakeholders by disseminating the best practices through electronic, visual and print media.

IPC is administered by the Governing Body under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister and Chief Secretary to Govt., Special Chief Secretary, Planning Department, Ex-officio Special Secretary, and Additional Secretary of Planning department as members to oversee the activities. The “Governing Body” would provide policy directions for implementation of the reform initiatives of the government through technical expertise of the cell in coordination with the departments concerned. The Governing Body will meet once in six months or as per exigency.

The “Executive Committee” constituted under the Chairmanship of the Spl Chief Secretary to Govt., Planning Department and other members nominated by the Government body to guide the action research programmes and other activities of the cell.

 Logo for IPC – The official logo of Government of Andhra Pradesh adopted as the logo of IPC to get easy access while dealing with external agencies for seeking action research projects.

 Office Premises – The IPC established initially in the Planning Department, AP State Secretariat and eventually, depending on the magnitude of work load, separate office premises provided.

 Organisation Structure – The lean organization structure for operation of the cell under the Chief Secretary to Govt., consists of Special Chief Secretary to Govt., Planning Department (Chief Mentor), Seven Mission Coordinators Advisors), Ex-officio Special Secretary (Planning) & CEO APSDPS, Addl. Secy. to Govt., Planning Department, District Delivery Units (Innovative Practices Coordinators) for Mission specific areas, by engaging domain experts from outside.

Identification and recognition of Innovative Practices shall be done through village, mandal, district and state level meetings. To encourage achievers, their names will be shortlisted for recognition and facilitated appropriately at district and state level functions.

 Dissemination of Innovative Practices – The IPC will prepare a healthy long range plan of action for social dissemination of innovative practices across the World, as well as National and local levels by using all viable electronic and print media. A dedicated website developed exclusively for the Innovative Practices Cell for easy accessibility to the common folk. Material shall be produced are sub-titled in the local language (Telugu).

 Linkage and Convergence – The IPC study the activities of various agencies involved in promotion of innovations in the abroad areas for establishing linkage and networking.

 Core Staff – The Special Chief Secretary to Govt., Planning would be the overall head of the IPC. The Ex-officio Special Secretary to Govt., and the Addl. Secretary to Govt., of Planning shall support to the head of the IPC and they formulate overall policy guidelines and modus – operandi of the cell.

All other domain experts and other staff shall be hired depending on the exigencies. Additional support will be taken from the District Delivery Units for effective planning, implementation and monitoring of various activities.

Initial IPC Staff Composition

 Team Leader must be senior expert on project and knowledge management and one young professional / fellow to assist the Team Leader.

One Senior on domain expert and one young professional / fellow for coordination of the missions.

One Senior expert and one young professional / fellow on research and documentation.

FUNDS : The Atal Innovation Fund of Niti Aayog schemes – 2015-16 of government of India.

These orders shall come into force with immediate effect for establishment of the “Innovation Practices Cell”. All the Departments are requested to take immediate action to operationalise the cell.

Planning Department-Innovative Practices Cell(IPC) for collection and dissemination of innovative practices for effective public management-Orders-Issued.


G.O.Ms.No. 3 Dated 10/02/2016.

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