Christian Mass Marriages Enhancement of amount from15 to Rs.25,000

Government have issued orders for sanction of an amount of Rs.15,000/- for purchase of articles for each couple of Mass Marriages of Christian girls under the scheme.The Managing Director, A.P State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation, Hyderabad has requested the Government to enhance the amount from Rs.15,000/- to Rs 25,000/- for purchase of articles for each couple of Mass Marriages to poor Christian girls on par with Muslim Mass Marriages Couples sanctioned vide  G.O.Rt.No.123, dt. 24.4.2012.

Managing Director , A.P State Christian (Minorities)Finance Corporation, Hyderabad was requested to furnish the  total additional financial commitment for enhancing the Marriages limit from Rs 15,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- for conducting  Mass Marriages of poor Christian  girls in the State.

Managing Director has furnished the total additional commitment for enhancement of marriages limit from Rs. 15,000/- to   Rs. 25,000/- for conducting  Mass marriages of poor Christian girls in the state and furnished the item-wise estimate of amount to be spent on each couple after the enhancement,  as follows:

1) Wedding Dress for Bride & Bridegroom – Rs. 3,000/-
       (safari suit and wedding saree)
2) Kitchen Utensils and Kerosene Pump stove – Rs. 2,000/-
3) Gold Rings, Chains(Thali) Anklets and Toe rings etc – Rs.12,000/-
4) Wedding Lunch for (25) Members – Rs. 2,000/-
5) Pastors fee & Bible – Rs. 1,000/-
6) Cheque for Starting New family – Rs. 5,000/-
 Total  Rs. 25,000/-

Government after careful examination, hereby enhance the amount of each Mass Marriage limit from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- for conducting Mass Marriages of poor Christian girls in the State.

The item wise rates fixed above are on tentative estimation. The District Mass Marriages Committee is authorized to revise the rates internally within the Heads of Expenditure. However the overall expenditure for each Marriage should not exceed Rs. 25,000/- ( Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only).

The Managing Director, A.P. State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation, Hyderabadshall take necessary action accordingly.


 G.O.Rt. No. 276     Dated:  08th October, 2012                                                                                             Read the following:-

 1. G.O. Rt. No. 426, Minorities Welfare (ICM) Dept., dt. 4.9.2008.

2. G.O. Rt. No. 123, Minorities Welfare (Wakf-III) Dept., dt. 24.4.2012.

3. From the M.D, APSC(M)FC,Hyderabad, Lr. Rc. No. A1/5/Mass Marriages/2010-11, dt. 07.05.2012.

4. Govt. Memo. No. 2994/ICM-II/A2/2012, M.W (ICM-II) Dept., dt. 21.7.2012.

5. From the M.D, APSC(M)FC,Hyderabad, Lr. Rc. No. A1/APSC(M)FC/MM/2010-11, dt. 02.08.2012.

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