Centenary Celebrations of Chittoor District 140 Crores to Roads

During the Centenary Celebration of Chittoor District, the Hon’ble CM made an announcement for up gradation/improvements of roads in Chittoor District. It was decided to sanction Rs.10 Crores for each Assembly Constituency of Chittoor District for taking up the works in consultation with District Incharge Minister duly according priority for the R&B taken over roads which are un-metalled /metalled. Accordingly, the Engineer – in Chief(R&B) State Roads, Hyderabadwas requested to furnish the necessary proposals in the matter vide ref.

The Engineer – in Chief(R&B) State Roads, Hyderabad in his letter has submitted proposals for taking up the works in 14 Assembly Constituencies in Chittoor District.  He has also stated that no stage-1 clearances is required for the above said works and requested to accord Administrative Sanction for an amount of Rs.143.36 Crores by making suitable additional budgetary provision under BE 2012-13 under Head of Account 5054-04-800-GH.11-SH(07)-530-531.

Government after careful examination of the proposal of Engineer-in-Chief(R&B) State Roads, Hyderabad, hereby accord administrative sanction for an   amount of Rs.140.00 Crores (Rupees one hundred and forty Crores only) for taking up the works in 14 Assembly Constituencies in Chittoor District @Rs. 10 Crores in  each Assembly Constituency. The list of works are indicated in the annexed appended to this order.

The expenditure sanctioned in Para (3) above shall be debited to the Head of Account: 5054 – C.O.L on Roads & Bridges, 04 – District and Other Roads, MH – 800 – Other Expenditure, GH-11 – Normal State Plan, SH (07) – Major District Roads, 530 – Major Works, 531 – Other Expenditure.

The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B), State Roads,Hyderabad, shall take necessary action for stage-1 sanctions wherever required. Releases will be made based upon progress of works.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.PW) Dept vide their U.O.No.19503/886/A2/Exp.Pw/12, dated:24-08-2012.


 G.O.Rt.No.  Dated:06-10-2012.

 1)  From the Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) SR,Hyderabad, Letter  No.6324/ CMA/ ENC(R) / DEEA/AEE3/2012-2,Dt:09.05.2011.

2)  Govt.Memo No.8900/R.VI(1)/2011-3, Dt:29-06-2012.

  3)   From the Engineer –in –Chief (R&B) State Roads Lr. No.6324/CMA/ ENC®/ DEE4/ AEE3/2011,  dated 30-06-2012 &22.09.2012.

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