Apply for Scheduled Castes self employment loan in Andhra Pradesh 41

Applications are invited from SC un employed youth in Andhra Pradesh for self employment loan.

self employment loan sc in Ap 2013

  • Identification :- Eligible /interested / deserving beneficiaries  shall be identified through database of SERP (PoP identified under UNNATHI)  / MEPMA /  Integrated Master Data Base / Joint Identification in Grama sabhas & Ward Sabha / Open Registration through Mee Seva (OBMS), elected representatives, Grievances Cell etc.,
  • Availability of name in the ration  card  ( WAP / TAP / RAP) availability is mandatory  for selection  the beneficiaries.

  • Mapping of the suitable Schemes  to be done for the

identified beneficiaries based on the consent / interest / choice of the beneficiaries.

  • Arranging Bank linkages( getting consent of the Banks).
  • Ø      Documentation: Filling of application forms with all relevant documents including affixing the signatures of recommending authorities ( MPDOs / Mpl Commissioners)
  • Registration in OBMS (Online Beneficiary Monitoring System):  Entering of all details of applicants in the OBMS Package by the MPDOs / Mpl Commissioners. After entering the details, the applications ( hard copy ) shall   sent to ED SC Corporation with covering letter.
  • The ED, SC corporation shall verify the registered particulars in OBMS with reference to hard copy of applications, and after satisfying to eligibility norms, take out the draft note file and sanction proceedings through OBMS in order to circulate the file to Collector along with hard copy of applications for getting sanction approvals.


  •  No sanction shall be given out side OBMS
  • After giving sanctions, the same shall be communicated to concerned banks / MPDOs/ Mpl Commissioners and beneficiaries immediately.  And the EDs shall obtain the two A/c Nos’(Non-operative & loan account Numbers) of sanctioned beneficiaries from the banks.
  • The EDs shall upload  the two A/c nos’  of sanctioned beneficiaries in OBMS for releasing subsidy directly  to non operative savings bank account of the beneficiaries from the Head Office through e-payment method.


  • After grounding the Units, Utalisation Certificates  Shall be obtained and particulars shall be entered into OBMS.

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