Andhra Pradesh Comprehensive Action Plan on Heat waves

Every year a heat wave sets in with high temperatures recording in the months of May and June in Andhra Pradesh. During the year 2015, Govt. of A.P has taken various measures to mitigate the suffering of people by undertaking wide publicity through Commissioner, Information & Public Relations on precautionary measures (Dos and Don’ts) to be taken by the Public to avoid heat waves through major Telugu Newspapers and News channels.

Despite the above precautionary measures taken by the State Government, 1369 deaths due to Heat Wave / Sun Stroke were reported during summer-2015. The Govt. had issued orders for payment of ex – gratia @ 1.00 lakh each to the death cases from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and permitted the District Collectors to draw the required funds under TR-27 to facilitate immediate payment of relief in the references 2nd and 3rd read above.

Taking cognizance of the serious situation arising out of the intense Heat Waves on general public leading to high fatalities, the Government felt the necessity of preparing a Comprehensive Heat Wave Action Plan for the State of Andhra Pradesh encompassing all aspects like Health & Medical Care, Employment, Nutrition, Drinking Water etc., to control the adverse affects of Heat Wave and to avoid sunstroke fatalities in the future.

Therefore, after careful examination of the matter, the Government hereby constitute a Committee with the following Officials to prepare a Comprehensive Heat Wave Action Plan for Andhra Pradesh State :

1. The Principal Secretary to Govt., Rev(Land & DM) Chairman
2. The Prl. Secretary, Health, Medical & Family welfare Dept. Member
3. The Prl. Secretary, School Education Dept. Member
4 The Prl. Secretary, PR & Rural Development Dept. Member
5 The Prl. Secretary, Municipal Admin. & Urban Development Dept. Member
6 The Prl. Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Dept. Member
7 The Prl. Secretary, IT, Electronics & Communications Dept. Member
8 The Director, Public Health & Family Welfare Dept. Member
9 The Director, Institute of Preventive Medicine Dept. Member
10 The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Dept. Member
11 The Director, Indian Meteorological Dept. (IMD) Member
12. The Director, Disaster Management Department Member & Convener

5. The above Committee shall study Heat wave Action Plans of other states and prepare a Comprehensive ‘The Andhra Pradesh State Heat wave Action Plan’ and submit it to the Government for approval. The Committee may consult specialists / experts / representatives of NGO’s if necessary during the course of preparation of
the Action Plan.

G.O.MS.No. 14 Dated: 03.12.2015 Read the Following :- 1. Memo No. 541/DM.II/A1/2014, Revenue (DM) Dept., Dated.11.05.2015. 2. G.O.Rt No.75, Revenue (DM.II) Dept., Dt.26.05.2015. 3. G.O.Rt No.78, Revenue (DM.II) Dept., Dt.28.05.2015. 4. Letter No.568/2015, Dated. 23.11.2015, from Sri P. Venugopal, Advocate General

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