Amendments – Andhra Pradesh State Nandi Theatre Awards Regulations

Government after careful examination hereby issues the following amendments to the existing Andhra Pradesh State Nandi Theatre Awards Regulations.

1.   The Nataka Samajams should submit script in Telugu DTP printing with spiral binding along with entry form with signatures of story writer and organizer of the Nataka Samajam. Once the script submitted to the Corporation as entry for Nandi Theatre Awards, the respective  Nataka samajam should not change the story and roles at the time of performance being given before the Scrutiny Panel. A suitable undertaking/ declaration clause may be incorporated in the existing Regulations being taken by the organizer of the Nataka Samajams and writer as follows:

“I hereby declare that I will not make any alterations or modifications in

Script submitted to the Corporation at the time of scrutiny of our theatrical play”

2.   A Committee will be constituted with 4 eminent theatre personalities for script scrutiny (for 4 categories i.e.,   Padyanatakam, Social play, Social Play-let   and Children Social Play-let)   to scrutinize and select better scripts for conducting scrutiny of Nandi Theatre Awards. Remuneration of Rs. 5000/- may be paid to each member of Script Scrutiny Committee. The decision of the Corporation is final  in  selecting  /  rejecting  of  scripts.  The  registration  fee  paid  will  not  be refunded to the Nataka Samajam. No further correspondence will be entertained in this matter.

3.      In the case of Padya Natakam, the nataka samajams   shall be permitted to give their padya natakam for scrutiny not more than three times whether selected for final competition  or not. Once the padya natakam gets best production award (1st, 2nd,   3rd      production) the same nataka samajam shall not submit the same padyanatakam again for entry in future.

4.    The nataka samajams shall submit scripts to the Corporation preferably interlaced with the following socially relevant themes:

Family Welfare, AIDS, Child Labour, environmental protection including green revolution, empowerment of women, national integration, communal harmony, girl child, Dalit empowerment, child labour and marriages, civic sense, school  dropouts, ethics and family values social access; equity and justice etc.


(1)          All  the applicants shall be asked to furnish their applications with final DTP script with spiral binding along with CD of their theatrical play which  was shot at a stretch without any break.

(2) The  Corporation  shall consider  the theatrical plays (except padyanatakams) which were not  selected in the earlier year’s  scrutiny,  provided the play has not been presented in any competition elsewhere.  The burden of proof  shall rest on  the  Nataka  Samajam.   In  the event  of  any  false  declaration  the  entry is liable to be cancelled without any notice.  In the event  of   any   false declaration   apart   from cancellation of  the entry the Corporation will also bar the “Natakasamajam” from contesting for the period of 2 years which will act as the deterrent for such false  declaration of  the entries.

(3)  The   process  of  scrutiny by deputing scrutiny judges  be dispensed with.  In its place, a script selection  Committee could be  constituted  with  4  members (one member each for padyanatakam,  Social   Play,   Social  Play-let  and  Children  Social  Play-let respectively) who will select the scripts for scrutiny.The Government will have the powers to increase or decrease  the number of  scrutiny of judges  depending on  the  circumstances  and requirements. .

(4)  The  scrutiny Committee consisting of  3  members  for  each  category will select   that theatrical  plays for final competitions  by viewing the CDs submitted by the applicants. The number  of  scrutiny members shall  be increased depending on  circumstances   and situations to 6 members maximum.

(5)   Minor lapses viz., presentation  timing falling short of few minutes  (less than 5 minutes) shall be overlooked in the event if the presentation is good in all other respects


(1)        The  selection  of  panel  for  consideration   of  names and   recommending   for  the  NTR Rangasthala Puraskaram  shall comprise of persons  from  other walks of  life  relevant  to the theatre and  at  the same time giving due preference to NTR Rangasthala Puraskaram Award winners.  But, however, the Government shall relax this requirements depending on circumstances and requirements.

(2)         The Committee constituted for selection of the NTR Rangasthala Puraskaram shall consider the name of the persons from all sections viz., Actors, Writers, Directors, Technicians etc., of  Telugu theatre.


The Selection Committee for selection of Best Book on Theatre shall comprise of research oriented persons and Academicians for  Theatre field.


(1)  The  scrutiny and final presentations shall have to be conducted as per fixed schedule and to the extent  possible, postponement  shall be avoided.

(2)   Persons  without  any theatre experience shall not be appointed on the scrutiny panel or as final jury member.

(3) The  appointment  should be made in a such a way that once appointed a person shall  be eligible  to  be  appointed after a lapse  of  five   years  from  last appointment

(4) The  panel  should  be  adequately  represented   from  all   sections   of    Telugu   theatre personalities, preferably Nandi Award winners.

(5) Detailed guidelines for the scrutiny and final jury should be drawn up and clear instructions be  given  to  the  scrutiny  panel  members  and  final   jury   members   to   follow   them scrupulously

(6) A  person  having  not  less  than 10  years  related  experience  in  the Telugu Theatre  be considered for appointment as member on the scrutiny panel or final jury.

(7) Orientation programme may be conducted  for the scrutiny panel suggesting guidelines for selection of theatre plays for the final competition.

(8 The  Scrutiny   panel  as well as final Judges should record  their observations and  views very clearly  in   respect  of all  entries for and  submit to the Corporation  for future use.

(9) The  Scrutiny  as  well  as  final  jury    members    shall    give    an    undertaking    that they will select plays/awardees strictly as per the guidelines.

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