Advertisements and issuing of Accreditations in Small Newspapers

Government have permitted the Commissioner, Information & Public Relations to with-hold all advertisements and accreditations in respect of small newspapers and periodicals and constituted three committees with senior officials of Information & Public Relations Department to find out the genuineness and regularity of small newspapers and periodicals which are receiving benefits from the Government from time to time like financial assistance, pensions, Arogyasree Health Cards, Medi-claim health insurance, accreditations, house sites etc.

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Department has reported that due to mushrooming of small newspapers in recent times, it has become very difficult in finding the genuineness and regularity of small newspapers and periodicals. He has also reported that the matter has received the attention of the Hon’ble Lokayukta, who took a very serious view and directed to conduct a discreet inquiry and submit report.

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Department has been permitted to categories the small news papers basing on the inspection reports in to various categories like A, B, C, etc., and thereafter to conduct enquiry once in a year by the respective Regional Joint Directors to have a first hand information regarding the small newspapers and periodicals. He has also been permitted to issue advertisements only after completion of all inspections

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations reported that after completion of inspections, the senior officers of the department met on 6.12.2010 and 8.12.2010 and discussed and suggested the following:

¾ Deletion of all edition centers of Small Newspapers from the empanelled list.
¾ To revise rates and accreditations accordingly.

¾ The I&PR Dept. desists from issuing classified advertisements. In lieu of it, the possibility of marginal increase in advertisement tariff may be considered, including some relief for dispensing with edition centers. However, not releasing of classified advertisements does not apply to others, such as land acquisitions, court notices, advertisements released by Govt. corporations, Government agencies, local bodies and autonomous bodies etc.
¾ To constitute a Committee with the following officers for fixation of rates and empanelment of small newspapers, twice in a year i.e. in the month of January & June –
– Director (I&PR)

– Addl. Director (Admn.)

– Addl. Director (Advt.)

– Joint Director (MR)

– Joint Director (Publications)

¾ The value of advertisements to magazines, periodicals, souvenirs, special issues etc., be limited to Rs.25,000/- per month at CIPR level and any proposal over and above Rs.25,000/- are to be approved by the Government.
¾ The said committee has to recommend the amount to be sanctioned to the periodicals, magazines, special issues etc., and submit for approval of CIPR/Government, as the case may be, from time to time (Once in a month).
¾ No ads to small daily newspapers which are not empanelled.

¾ No special rates for placement of ads in small newspapers.

¾ Tabloid size newspapers, if any, are to be converted into broad size within six months.

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations has also reported that it was decided to grade the publications into A, B, C and D categories based on infrastructure, content, quality of newspaper, no. of pages, seniority and colour of the news paper etc.

The Commissioner, Information & Public Relations has also reported that it is suggested to assess the quality and content of newspaper involving Associate Editors and Editor (Urdu) working for A.P. Journal under the supervision of Chief Editor for arriving at the over all grading, in addition to the infrastructural aspects reported by the Inspection teams.

Government after careful examination, hereby approve the recommendations made by senior officers of the Information & Public Relations Department, as reported by the Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Department and advise the Commissioner, Information & Public Relations, to take immediate action to process the advertisements and issuing of accreditations both at State and District level accordingly.
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