903 crores for Under Ground Sewerage Scheme for Guntur Municipal Corporation

Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India have sanctioned Under Ground Sewerage Scheme for the Guntur Municipal Corporation with a total Project Cost of Rs.903.82 crores and released Rs.540.00 crores
as Öne time Special Financial Assistance” for implementation of the scheme with the following funding pattern.
(Rs. in Crores) Sl. No. Name of the Scheme GoI Approved total Project Cost Sharing pattern Amount
released by Government of India. GoI GoAP/ULB

1. Under Ground Sewerage Scheme 903.82 540.00 363.82 540.00

2. The Engineer-in-Chief (Public Health) vide reference 2nd read above, has submitted proposals to Government and requested to accord administrative sanction for implementing the Under Ground Sewerage scheme in the Guntur Municipal Corporation..

3. Government after careful examination of the proposal hereby accord administrative sanction for executing the Under Ground Sewerage Scheme in Guntur Municipal Corporation with a total Project Cost of Rs.903.82crores (Rupees Nine Hundred Three Crores and Eighty Two Thousand only) with the sharing pattern of Rs.540.00 crores by the Government of India and Rs.363.82 crores by the State Government.

4. Government have designated the Engineer-in-Chief(Public Health), Andhra Pradesh as Project Implementing Agency to execute the Under Ground Sewerage scheme in the Guntur Municipal Corporation. The Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation, Andhra Pradesh shall be the Nodal
Agency for the scheme. Release of funds by the Government shall be routed through the Nodal Agency.

5. The Engineer-in-Chief (Public health) and the Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation, Hyderabad shall follow the following conditions while implementing the scheme.

i) A separate account shall be maintained for the Project.

ii) The fund shall be utilised for the purpose for which it is sanctioned without any diversion.

iii) to furnish the quarterly progress report comprising both physical and financial and also annual Utilisation Certificates after the closing of each financial year in respect of funds released in the prescribed Proforma in
compliance with the instructions contained in Rule 212 of the General financial Rules, 2005, and Finance Code of the state Government.

iv) Consolidated Utilisation Certificates shall be submitted within six months of completion of the scheme as to submit to the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

v) This is a One time Financial Assistance and no further grant will be released for the scheme.

vi) Any increase in project cost due to any reasons shall be met by the Urban Local Body viz., Guntur Municipal Corporation, and no Central/ State Assistance will be given for the that purpose.
vii) the project shall be completed within three (3) years from the award of work to the Contractor. The Urban Local Body shall comply with the provisions of the scheme guidelines.

6. The Engineer-in-Chief (Public health), A.P., Hyderabad and Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.

7. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O.No.3843-A/070/A1/EBS.VII.MA&F/2015, dated 21.05.2015.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Guntur Municipal Corporation – Under Ground Sewerage Scheme for Guntur Municipal Corporation with an estimated cost of Rs.903.82 crores – Administrative Sanction to the Project – Accorded – Orders – Issued.


1. From Under Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Urban Development Government of India, New Delhi Lr.F.No.14012/16/2015-SC-IIUD-III(PLT), dated 31.03.2015 2. From ENC(PH), A.P., Hyderabad Lr.No.91/AE/T3/GNT/UGD/2015, dated 25.05.2015 and 15.12.2015.

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