18.90 crores for construction of Buildings in Palamuru University,Mahabubnagar

At last Government of Andhra Pradesh sanction an amount of Rs.18.90 crores for construction of Buildings  to Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar. Registrar, Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar, has submitted the details of the proposed construction and the actual construction under progress as follows:-

After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accord administrative sanction for an amount of Rs.18.90 Crores (Rupees Eighteen Crores and Ninety lakhs only) for taking up the construction of certain buildings in Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar, as indicated in Para 3 above.  Since an amount of Rs.10.00 Crores has already been released to Palamuru University, vide G.O. the remaining amount shall be released in future as per the progress of works.

Proposed Construction Construction Under Progress
Sl. Name of the Number of Estimated Construction Estimated Cost
No Construction Floors Cost for the Under Progress for the
proposed Proposed (Rs. In Crores) Construction Under Progress (Rs.in Crores)
1 Academic Building G+2 10.06 Ground Floor 4.7
2 Administrative G+2 8.47 Ground Floor 3.78
3 Pharmacy Building G+2 9.74 Ground Floor 4.4
4 Library Building G+2 10.08 Ground Floor 4.75
5 Guest House G+2 3.55
6 Additional Floor on 2nd Floor 1.27 2nd Floor 1.27
the existing Hostel
7 Compound Wall 2.31
Total:- 45.48 Total:- 18.9

The Registrar, Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar shall  take necessary action in the matter accordingly. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (Expr.HE) Department vide their U.O.No.25090/786/Expr.HE/12, dated 14.9.2012

1.  G.O.Ms.No.89, HE(UE.II) Department dt.25-06-2008. 2.  G.O.Rt.No.531, HE(UE.II) Department dt.27.7.2010 3.  From the Registrar, Palamuru University, Lr.No.978/PU/Addl. Funds/ 2011, dt.7.1.2012. 4, From the Registrar, Palamuru University Lr.No.1166/PU/ Additional Funds/2011-12, dated.19.06.2012)

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