12 Teams for APSDRF with Headquarters in the Andhra Pradesh State Capital Region

As per the provisions of Disaster Management Act 2005, the Government of India (GOI) has constituted National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) under section 3 and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), under section 44 of the Act, for the purpose of specialist response to the threatening disaster situation or disaster. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has conceptualized a three tier Disaster Response Mechanism in the Country with NDRF at the Apex level to handle level-III and above disasters, State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) as 1st Responder to handle Level-I and Level-II disasters at the State level and Civil Defence, Home Guards, Fire and Emergency Services at the District level.

Andhra Pradesh, with a long coastline of 974 Kms, is vulnerable to all kinds of natural disasters in addition to increasing number of manmade disasters. The incidence and magnitude of these disasters have increased in the past decade. The frequent occurrence of these disasters is resulting not only in human loss but also in huge economic loss.  The necessity to establish a specialized and well trained force at state level has been a felt need for a long time. The experience of recent HUD HUD cyclone has further demonstrated the necessity of such specialized force

Director General of Police has submitted a proposal to raise AP State Disaster Response Force (APSDRF) comprising 6(Six) Companies with two teams each with head quarters in the State Capital. The APSDRF personnel will be drawn from APSP Battalions on deputation basis.

The Government after careful examination of the proposal, hereby orders for creation of the Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Response Force (APSDRF) comprising 6 Companies with two teams each (Total 12 teams) with following structure:

Location of the Companies:

1. 2nd Bn APSP Kurnool 4. 6th Bn APSP Mangalagiri
2. 3rd Bn APSP Kakinada 5. 9th Bn APSP Venkatgiri, Nellore
3. 5th Bn APSP Vizianagaram 6. 16th Bn APSP Visakhapatnam


  • The structure, strength and staffing pattern of the APSDRF Companies:


Sl. No. Post COY HQRs Team 1 Team 2 Total
1. Asst. Comdt. 1 1
2. RI 1 1
3. RSI 1 1 2
4. ARSI 1 1 2
5. HC 3 3 6


6. HC (Tech) 3 3 6
7. HC (Driver) 3 3 6
8. PC 30 30 60
9. PC (Driver) 3 3 6
10. PC Tech/Comm 2 2
11. Cook 2 2 4
12. Follower 1 1 2

Ministerial Staff

13. Sr. Asst. 1 1
14. Jr. Asst. 1 1
Total 6 47 47 100

An SDRF Company shall comprise of 2 (Two) independent Teams, under the charge of an Assistant Commandant (AC) and assisted by an Reserve Inspector (RI).

The constitution of Teams will be as below:


Sl.No. Post Nos.
1 RSI 1
2 ARSI 1
3 HC 3
4 HC(Technical) 3
5 HC(Driver) 3
6 PC 30
7 PC(Driver) 3
8 Cook 2
9. Follower 1
  TOTAL 47


  • The Asst Commandant would have an overall responsibility both administratively and operationally over the two teams in the Company.
  • On development, both the AC and the RI will necessarily command and supervise either one of the teams while operating in the field.
  • Further, each Company will be an independent and self sustaining sub-unit with all the necessary special equipments and wherewithal to deal with calamities of any kind.
  • The SDRF Coys and Teams would be under the overall administrative control of Police Department under the charge of an officer of the rank of a Commandant and Additional Commandant, assisted by an Assistant Commandant in the Head Quarters to supervise the Companies and Teams positioned and located strategically at the various battalions as mentioned above.  The SDRF Commandant will report to the chain of Command of the APSP for administrative purposes.  The SDRF Coys & Teams would be under over all command and control of Police Department.  However, the overall control and command of deployment, utilization and coordination of APSDRF during emergencies rests with Disaster Management Department, GoAP.  An officer of rank of Inspector General, Police will be in charge at the state level to oversee the administrative matters of APSDRF.
  • The concerned District Collector/Disaster Management Department/ Inspector General of Police & In charge of APSDRF at state level can direct the deployment of APSDRF companies as per the emergencies and need. On the basis of the orders placed by any of the authority as mentioned, the companies shall move to attend the emergencies.
  • The IG, In charge of APSDRF shall place an officer not below the rank of Dy. Superintendent of Police (Dy.SP) at the disposal of Disaster Management Department for regular liasoning of APSDRF with DM Department and also with Districts.


  • The SDRF has to be equipped and trained immediately to attend any kind of disasters in the state.
  • Also, after careful examination of the proposals of the DGP, GoAP , the Government hereby approve for procurement of Search and Rescue equipment, Vehicles and other items under AP Disaster Recovery Project (APDRP) for an amount of Rs.23,58,17,458/- (Twenty three crores fifty eight lakhs seventeen thousand and four hundred fifty eight) as detailed below:


Sl.No Particulars Amount
1 Vehicles (Specialized/others including Head Quarters     13,07,08,090/-
2 Equipment (Search & Rescue)       9,39,35,208/-
3 Training          33,74,160/-
4 Miscellaneous (Cooking, Infrastructure, Computers, Work stations, Furniture/fixtures)          78,00,000/-
  Grand Total 23,58,17,458/-


  1. For procurement of above items, Revenue (DM) Department will issue separate orders.
  2. The Director General of Police shall take the necessary action for creation of APSDRF duly drawing the personnel from APSP Battalions and take steps for imparting necessary training to them.
  3. This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department Vide their U.O No. 15580/409/FMU-Rev-IV/A1/15 dated 08.10.2015.
  1. The Disaster Management Act, 2005.
  2.    From Director General of Police,  Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Rc.No.05/Plg-1/2015, Dt.13.05.2015.
  3.             U.O. Note orders of the Finance Department No.15580/409/FMU- Rev-  IV/A1/15, dated 8-10-2015.

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