The Telangana Government decided to confer Telangana Excellence Awards to recognize the exemplary public services rendered by Civil Servants working at different levels as well as excellence in implementing the flagship programmes of Government of Telangana in the capacity of individual, groups and organisation. The applications are invited in the […]

Telangana ExcellenceTEX Awards 2017- For IAS officers

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (“DIPP”), Government of India through its “Ease of Doing Business – Reform Action Plan 2017” has communicated the following initiatives to be taken up by for simplifying the process of Road Cutting/Right of Way permission to be accorded by the Department concerned. i)Design […]

Telangana Online System for according Road Cutting permission

Village Organization (VO) generally appoints Village Organization Assistant (VOA) from among the members of Self Help Group and he/she is a resident of the same village having experience in nurturing and strengthening of Self Help Groups and Village Organization. The Village Organizations are paying honorarium to the Village Organization Assistants […]

Telangana SERP / Stree Nidhi 5000 Per Month to VOAs ...

Govt., have issued guidelines indicating the procedure for withdrawal for NPS subscribers whose PRAN Number was registered and subsequently, retired/died/ pre exited. DTA has brought to the notice to the Government that some of the employees covered under New Pension System were retired from Government Service on Superannuation even without […]

Telangana PRAN Number Procedure for drawal of Funds in case ...

Government of Telangana have issued Guidelines for implementation of Economic Support Schemes by the Telangana Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Corporation Ltd (TRICOR) in continuation to the guidelines issued by erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O.Ms.No.101, Social Welfare (SCP.I) Dept.,dated:31.12.2013 for the benefit of scheduled Tribes. Government of Telangana have […]

Telangana ST Economic Support Schemes Action Plan 2017-18

Orders have been issued constituting the Telangana Drinking Water Supply Corporation (TDWSC) to execute and maintain the Telangana Drinking Water Supply Project (Mission Bhagiratha). ICICI Bank, Hyderabad, while enclosing the terms and conditions applicable to obtain loan from them for providing financial assistance to Telangana Drinking Water Supply Corporation to […]

Drinking Water Supply from Yellore Reservoir in Mahabubnagar

Government of Telangana State with G.O.Ms.No. 120 Dated: 20-07-2017 issued orders for Telangana Medical and Dental Colleges fee structure 2017-18 Orders were issued for fixation of the fee structure and certain directions in respect of Under Graduate Medical / Dental courses in Private Unaided Non Minority Colleges in the State for […]

Telangana Medical and Dental Colleges fee structure 2017-18

Department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) has communicated the final Business Reform Action Plan for the year 2017. The business reform action plan mandates devising central inspection system for Labour, Factories, Boilers and Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB). The following are action points to be implemented as part […]

Telangana Business Reform Action Plan -2017 Central inspection system

Government of telangana & District Collector,in his letter, has informed that, the Extension Officer (PR&RD), MPP, Siddipet Mandal has submitted proposals for formation of Banjerupally Village as separate Gram Panchayat duly bifurcating from Kodandraopally Gram Panchayat, Siddipet Mandal, Siddipet District as per proposals received from Gram Panchayat Kodandraopally. The Extension Officer, […]

Formation and List 1750 New Gram Panchayat in Telangana

Guidelines for reducing the load of School Bags in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools because heavy School Bags are a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of the students. The load of a School Bag, as estimated in some of the districts, weighs about 6 to 12 Kgs […]

GO 22 on Reducing the load of Bags in Telangana ...